Advanced Skin Care In Edmonton

The cosmetic industry is a billion dollars industry, and much investment has been placed for advanced procedures, especially regarding skin care.

The skin is a very vital organ in the human body, and it has so many essential body functions. Thus it is required that we take care of the skin. The skin needs more care than most organs throughout the body; we can say because it covers the whole of our body.

Using suitable cream, soap and lotion can help keep your skin in good conditions, while those that suffer from cracking skin, or some other skin ailment, will need special cream and lotion as prescribed by a dermatologist.

Over the years, there has been advancement within the skin care industry, that we have seen modern medicine take its course. We now have advanced ways of beautifying the skin, treating skin ailment or diseases and carrying out major skin surgeries.

Here are some of the modern and advanced ways of taking care of our skin:

 Laser Therapy

Laser skin care is a modern treatment for replacing skin surfaces by using the laser beam to remove wrinkled skin, dead skin or infected skin. Removing the skin surface will create room for fresher and new skin to grow, thus replacing the old skin. This will give your skin a brand new young feel that will make you look more beautiful and healthier. This kind of procedure is commonly used by aging people to help make their skin look younger and fresher, and those that suffer from acne and scar and want to remove blemishes from their skin as this is a more precise procedure.

The procedure is usually carried out by a trained professional, and you will be expected to take specific precautions before the procedure. You are to avoid certain medication days before the operation, avoid smoking and ensure you do not suffer from conditions that may impede your recovery.


The Use Of Fillers

Modern sciences have improved the healthcare sector that we can now look and feel better with lesser effort. Aging is one of the humanity mysteries, and they have looked for ways to reduce or eliminate aging process.

One of such ways is through the use of cosmetic procedures, and the use of fillers is one of these methods. Aging in the skin can be caused by changes in bone density, loss of fats, a chemical imbalance in collagen throughout the body and other factors. With advanced technology, scientists have now understood the aging process and have looked for ways to reduce it. One of such advanced skin care procedures is through the use of injectable fillers to help balance the density and bone structure under the skin. This procedure will help keep the skin much younger and prevent conditions such as skin slacking.

The injection of the fillers should be carried out by professional to prevent complications. There have been cases of fillers being applied in a wrongly that have led to excessive sagging of the skin.


Botox Injections

The use of Botox for skin care treatment is very common, as it is one of the simplest forms of advanced skin care. It involves injecting a special chemical known as Botox into the skin to prevent the wrinkling effect. Botox works by preventing the muscles on the face from contracting and contrasting during a smile, frowning or any such facial activities. The muscles get to move a lot during these facial activities which will lead to loosening, but applying Botox keeps the muscle intact. This simple procedure will prevent the aging effect on your skin and keep you looking young.

However, there are some side effects associated with Botox injection. You may experience pains at the point of the injection, bruises, headaches, rash, and some other minor effect. It is advisable to also seek the advice from the doctor or injection certified pharmacists if you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant soon before using Botox.



This term is relatively new to some people, and it is fast becoming accepted in skin care procedures. Microneedling involves making minute openings in the skin using tiny needles, as a way to stimulate the skin healing powers. When the skin gets injured, it releases chemicals that will ensure regeneration of brand new skin, which are fresher. So this is the idea in the microneedling procedure, for the skin to generate chemicals that will generate new and healthy skin. Such as the release of collagen and elastin which keeps the skin in good condition.

As the name may imply, it involves poking the face, and this may sound painful, but it is a painless procedure. Microneedling can be carried out by a dermatologist, surgeon, or you can do it by yourself at home.

Microneedling can be used as an anti-aging procedure, repair broken skin and for acne or sunburn. And it usually does not have many side effects like other advanced skin care procedures.

There are so many other advanced skin care procedures that have made it easy to treat and care for your skin. These modern skin care procedures have great benefits, which include:

  • It improved and better skin care procedure with fewer health effects on patients.
  • Advanced and faster solution to issues that affect the skin. This advanced procedure produces quicker and more effective results in shorter time.
  • They are also safer as they have gone through the advanced clinical test before being certified for human use.
  • They are also administered by professional who will ensure safe medical procedures.
  • They are various advanced skin care procedures, and you will find the one that is suitable and affordable for you.
  • Advanced skin care procedures have provided many alternatives for skin treatment, as you can choose the one suitable for you.

It is advisable to visit a professional dermatologist for treatment of your skin. You should go for a skin checkup, to properly diagnose any problem. Afterward, the right treatment or procedure will be recommended.

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