Effective and Safe Laser Hair Removal Edmonton

Are you looking for safe and effective Laser hair removal Edmonton? Welcome to Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, one of the leading laser clinics in Edmonton. In your journey for smoother, hair-free skin, we stand as your trusted ally for all your cosmetic treatments.

Our experts use advanced technology to safely and effectively remove unwanted hair. Moreover, the treatment helps to eliminate the discomfort of ingrown hairs. Clients of all skin colors highly regard our hair removal service. We consistently achieve excellent results and maintain a high satisfaction rate.

“Laser hair removal has become immensely popular, and it’s easy to see why. It offers a convenient solution to unwanted hair, and with today’s advanced technology, the procedure is safer and more effective than ever.”

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Laser Hair Removal Results: Before and After Pictures

Witness the change with our Laser Hair Removal! Dive into our before-and-after gallery to see how effective our treatments are.

Clearer, smoother skin awaits you, as shown by our many satisfied clients. Therefore, if you’re considering making the change, these results will surely convince you. Join the many Edmonton locals who’ve said goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to confidence.

Real Client Reviews and Testimonials

Olivia A
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I had an excellent experience with Albany Centre for lip fillers. Moreover, the team was so welcoming, and the results were just what I wanted. My lips look natural but bigger and with a heart in the middle!
Joyce K
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I recently had Botox treatment at Albany Clinic for my frown. I'm really happy with the results. Moreofer, the staff was friendly and professional, making me feel at ease throughout the procedure. They use freezing cream and leave it long enough to work. So I highly recommed them!
Samah J
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I'm very happy with the results of the laser hair removal at Albany Centre. The procedure was quick and comfortable. I did not feel rushed, and provided me with many towels to change. So, I recommend them to anyone.

Witness the Difference That Our Cosmetic Treatment Made

before laser hair removal Edmonton after

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Video Showing Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Action

Watch Darian, our laser technician, do a procedure at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton. Make sure to shave on the day before your appointment using a brand-new razor.

During the treatment, you might notice some hair follicles seeming to “pop-out” or become more visible. Don’t worry; this is a typical part of the process, showing that the treatment is working effectively! To ensure your utmost comfort throughout, we finish the session with a soothing cooling agent. Depending on the area you want treated, sessions can range from 30 minutes up to two hours.

Understanding How Laser Hair Removal Works

The beam of light targets the pigment in hair follicles with concentrated light energy. As the hair absorbs the laser light, it heats up the follicle, halting its growth. Therefore, this process gradually reduces hair thickness and density, leading to smoother skin. It’s a straightforward and efficient way to bid farewell to frequent shaving or waxing.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Laser hair removal offers longer-lasting results compared to shaving or waxing. It reduces the chances of ingrown hairs and saves time in the long run.

Although it may seem expensive initially, it can save money in the future. Laser hair removal is less painful than waxing and is safer and more effective. Moreover, it can boost confidence by providing permanent hair reduction for smooth, hair-free skin.

Choosing The Best Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton

When choosing a laser hair removal clinic, it’s important to pick one with good experience, advanced technology, and satisfied patients. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, our skilled and certified experts use advanced laser technology, which we take pride in. Moreover, our positive reviews and client testimonials speak to the care and results we consistently deliver.

We’re proud to provide our clients with top-of-the-line laser hair removal in Edmonton using the Elite+ from Cynosure and the Fotona Dynamis. Unlike some other technologies, our advanced laser treatments cater to all skin colors. While many places rely on IPL (intense pulsed light) systems, which may be less effective and are often restricted to lighter skin tones, our devices use genuine laser technology. This ensures more power, precision, and overall effectiveness in hair reduction, regardless of your skin type.

Tailored Preparation & After Care

  • On your appointment day, just come with comfortable clothes and clean skin without makeup. We will use a cooling gel and cold air to minimize any discomfort.
  • It is important to protect the skin from the sun, avoid tanning, waxing, and plucking before the procedure, arrive with clean skin, and keep the skin hydrated. Shaving is allowed a day before the treatment.

Post-Treatment Care in Edmonton’s Climate

  • After your laser treatment, take certain steps to maximize the benefits and maintain your skin’s condition and get optimal results.
  • Use a cold compress or aloe vera gel to soothe any warmth. Protect treated areas from the sun with sunscreen or clothing. Moisturize regularly with mild products and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Be gentle with your skincare routine and avoid exfoliants or strong ingredients. Don’t pull at loosening hairs; let them shed naturally. Be patient and trust the process.

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Taking the first step towards smoother, more radiant skin is now at your fingertips! Therefore, at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we’ve made the booking process seamless for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the treatment is most effective for those with dark hair and light skin, recent technological advancements have expanded its effectiveness to a broader range of skin and hair types.

However, pregnant women and individuals with certain skin conditions should avoid this treatment. To determine if you’re an ideal candidate, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our experts at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre.

Laser light targets hair and reduces its growth significantly, but it does not eliminate it permanently. However, the hair that does grow back is typically finer and lighter in color. Regular maintenance treatments can help maintain the results.

It’s essential to understand that laser treatments primarily offer permanent hair reduction rather than complete removal. However, with successive treatments, we can achieve near-total hair reduction, getting you as close as possible to a hair-free finish!

For most people, 6-8 sessions are needed to get the best results from laser treatment. But why so many? Well, our hair grows in cycles. At any given time, some hairs are growing, while others are resting. The laser works best on hairs that are in the growing phase.

Imagine a garden with flowers at different stages. Some are buds, some are in full bloom, and others are wilting. If you want to remove all the flowers, you can’t do it in just one go because not all the buds have bloomed. Similarly, with laser treatment, we need multiple sessions to catch all the hairs in their growing phase.

Our equipment has a large 24 mm spot size, which is like having a bigger watering can for our garden. This means treatments are quicker and you spend less time in the session

The treatment feels different for everyone. Some describe it as feeling like a rubber band snapping against their skin. However, the level of discomfort can vary, especially depending on which part of the body is being treated. To make things more comfortable for you, we apply a numbing cream and use cold air to lessen any discomfort.
Laser hair removal is a safe treatment. However, after getting the treatment, you might see some redness, swelling, or feel temporary skin sensitivity. Thankfully, these side effects are usually mild and don’t last long. However, if you have darker skin, there’s a slightly higher chance of experiencing these side effects.

At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we prioritize your safety. We use technology that’s approved by the FDA, and our experts strictly follow safety guidelines to reduce risks. It’s important to note that people with darker skin tones might have a higher likelihood of side effects, but we always do our best to minimize them.

It’s best to stay out of the sun before and after getting a laser treatment. If your skin is tanned, the treatment might not work as well, and there’s a higher chance of side effects. If you’ve been out in the sun and got a tan, it’s a good idea to wait until your tan fades before starting the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Price list

At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we pride ourselves on offering expertly delivered, professional cosmetic and medical spa treatments.

Full Body

For those who want smooth skin, our full-body treatment, including underarms, arms, back, chest, face, legs, and Brazilian, is $1150. Call us for more details or visit our Laser pricing page for more information

For The Ladies

We’ve thoughtfully designed packages to suit your needs. Consider our special package, which includes treatments for the chin, upper lip, and underarms, is $155. We also have packages for Brazilian and bikini lines. Seeking a more comprehensive package? Our full-face, underarm, and half-leg treatment is $365.

For The Gents

We have a fantastic offer that caters to the common large areas where men prefer to be hair-free. This package includes treatments for the full-back, chest, upper shoulders, and back of the neck. The regular price is $500, but we can design a package so you can get it for $400.

Laser Hair Removal at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

Experience the luxury of smooth skin with our cutting-edge laser hair removal services. Tailored for various body areas, we ensure maximum comfort and efficacy.

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Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

Our Laser Hair Removal Offers

Price range: $50 - $1,020

Abdomen: $75 or Package Of Three for $191
Full Arms: $200 or Package Of Three for $510
Half Arms: $120 or Package Of Three for $306
Back And Chest: $400 or Package Of Three for $1,020
Bikini: $95 or Package Of Three for $242
Brazilian: $200 or Package Of Three for $510
Bum: $200 or Package Of Three for $510
Ear: $50 or Package Of Three for $128
Full Face: $175 or Package Of Three for $446
Hand: $50 or Package Of Three for $128
Leg Full: $325 or Package Of Three for $829
Leg Half: $175 or Package Of Three for $446
Men’s Cheek: $75 or Package Of Three for $191
Neck And Side Burns: $175 or Package Of Three for $446
Neck: $100 or Package Of Three for $255
Side Burns: $75 or Package Of Three for $191
Underarms: $95 or Package Of Three for $242
Upper Lip And Cheek: $100 or Package Of Three for $255
Upper Lip Or Chin: $50 or Package Of Three for $128