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PlasmaSculpt in Edmonton

PlasmaSculpt treatment meets the needs of patients wishing to look rejuvenated and rested while using the power of their own body to stimulate the process.

Anything done would be unknown to patients, and the results are gradual, so there is no dramatic instant result. As a bonus, the youthful look is long-lasting, natural-looking and can be progressed with further sessions if one wishes. It is a full-face treatment, so we are not filling specific folds or creating one rejuvenated area while neglecting other areas. Thus, the appearance looks congruent and not disjointed. The endpoint is a refreshed glow, smooth skin, fewer lines and folds, and better skin quality.

The primary principle behind this exciting new procedure is that it harnesses the power of your collagen supply and natural healing capabilities to create a new, improved, and naturally youthful looking you.

How does it work?

PlasmaSculpt works with your body’s natural process to rebuild your collagen over a four to six-month period of time. It gradually creates a more natural look without leaving any visible lines where the filler resides. Since fillers are instant, they are usually visible, leaving many looking too ‘filled’ and overdone.

PLLA uses one's body to stimulate collagen and increase skin glow and thickness. Combining concentrations and injection locations in different concentrations creates a safe and pleasing look that develops over time, so no one notices but the client.

How long does the treatment last?

You can expect PlasmaSculpt results are subtle but long-lasting, whereas traditional fillers typically only last three to six months. Most important is the mixing concentrations, depths and strategic placement for a safe and effective outcome. The visible effects may begin subtly as early as 2 weeks but more reliably at 2 months.

Benefits of PlasmaSculpt


is Dr. Anil Rajani's combination of Sculptra (PLLA) and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibers). The treatments stimulate collagen and elastin, as well as your body's natural support structure to reconstruct more youthful-looking skin and volume.

How many sessions do you need?

Several people may be happy with one session, but we recommend three treatment sessions, in the space of 1-2 months, to achieve the best outcome. The treatment depends on the quality of the actual skin, tissue laxity, and surrounding bone loss.

When will you see desirable results?

Plasmasculpt is a procedure that addresses most of these characteristics in a single treatment over several sessions for a natural-looking result using one's body to stimulate collagen. Final results take 6 months, but the look is very natural and pleasing.


PlasmaSculpt is using one's blood products to stimulate youth using one's growth factors. PlasmaScult by Dr. Rajani can improve existing youthful fat, reduce the appearance of dark circles and stimulate hair follicles where present. PlasmaSculpt treatments to help patients attain the results they have been looking for.