Vaginal Whitening

Vaginal Whitening

The skin in the intimate and genital regions becomes more textured and dark as we age. Shaving and waxing affect pigmentation over time and contribute to the poor texture and uneven color. Some females seek safe and effective treatment options for hyperpigmentation and pubic lightening.

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center in Edmonton provides safe and effective vaginal whitening. It is a novel procedure that can aid in the removal of vaginal pigmentation and soften the labia texture. We frequently target the peri-anal region, labia majora, and groin region in this treatment

How does Vaginal Whitening Work?

We developed the Albany Vaginal Whitening Protocol, after gathering hundreds of patients’ results and feedback.


Preparation phase

As a preparation for the treatment, we ask you to go through a chemical lightening process that involves applying Hydroquinone to your skin for two weeks. Although these lightning agents will not produce the desired results, they will help to reduce the activity of pigment cells and will assist in putting them into a less reactive state.


Resting Phase

You will stop the bleaching cream for two days before the laser treatment


Treatment Phase

During the treatment, we apply a combination of a nanosecond laser and Er:Yag laser to reduce pigmentation in the vaginal and groin area.


  • Spectra Laser

The nanosecond laser employs a short pulse duration that targets pigment cells and causes a photoacoustic “shattering” effect which results in crusting and shedding of the skin, which heals after a few days.


  • Fotona Laser

The Fotona Er: Yag laser targets water as a chromophore, which helps in skin resurfacing in order to obtain newer and lighter skin without using excessive heat.

Vaginal Whitening is a safe and effective procedure that can aid in the removal of pigmentation and leave your vagina pink and soft.

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Ashley Tegart
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Gretel Pineda
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Cecilia Blank
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Sharie Valentine
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Use a laser that actually works. Don't waste your money on Groupons or places with lasers that won't give you results. Highly recommend.
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Rajbir Shergill
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Excellent service, one of the best doctor I have ever seen and very very friendly staff.
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Brenda Franczek
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Such a great experience. They listened to what I wanted. Didn't try to upsell. Gave me insight into other procedures that I asked about. All around great experience.
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meghan wladyka
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Hannah Pazderka
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Lilly Naboulsi
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Shelley Sikorski
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taptil adam
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Crystal Haley
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Jennifer Jacobs
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Adorable little clinic! Staff was all very pleasant and happy to help and answer my questions. Good price for products as well, will definitely be coming back!

The Vaginal Whitening Process

Our nurse will start with a consultation to talk about your issues. We provide you with a prescription from our medical director for the Vaginal bleaching cream. You will dispense this prescription at your regular pharmacy, and start applying it for two weeks before the treatment. We will provide you with written instructions on how to apply the cream, when to start and when to stop. 

  • You should avoid shaving or waxing the vaginal area for two weeks before and two weeks after the laser treatment.
  • One the day of the treatment, our nurse will apply vaginal lidocaine cream to the outer vaginal area
  • The laser technician will gently clean the area
  • Our nurse will start using the laser according to the protocol
  • Avoid intercourse for three days after the treatment

Vaginal Whitening Summary

Session Duration

Each session takes 45 to 60 min including lidocaine cream application and filling the forms

Level of Discomfort

Mild to moderate

Session Numbers

Most Patient requires four to eight sessions if the vaginal whitening treatment

Vaginal Whitening Results

Treatment will reduce pigmentation and improve texture and tone

Session Frequency

Vaginal whitening sessions are repeated six to eight weeks

Vaginal Whitening FAQs

After the treatment, patients can expect about 50 to 90 percent reduction in vaginal hyperpigmentation.
For a few days after the treatment, you may experience itching and mild burning. However, these usually go away. To relieve the itching and burning sensation, apply topical ointments. You can also resume your normal activities a few days after the treatment. For a few weeks, avoid activities like running, jogging, and sexual intimacy. Your skin will be able to heal as a result of this.
The client’s sexual pleasure may improve following the vaginal whitening course, as the clit will go through the same laser rejuvenation process.
If the results are not maintained, the hyperpigmentation may reoccur. It is best to use home lighting products and clinic maintenance treatments that use nanosecond pulsed light technology. It is required at regular intervals throughout the year following the initial treatment.
Many patients observe a substantial change in skin color of up to three shades after the first treatment; however, because pigment changes in the skin take time, four-week intervals will likely help you obtain the greatest results. After laser therapy, little redness and swelling may occur, and we advise you to refrain from sexual activity until you have fully recovered. 
Several treatments are required. The first phase lasts 4 to 8 weeks, followed by a few treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart in the second and third phases. In general, improving the appearance of vaginal hyperpigmentation in this region takes 3 to 9 months.

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Vaginal Whitening Complete Guide

Our clients love the laser vaginal lightening whitening treatment for the following reasons

  • The treatment session takes only 45 minutes on average
  • The instruction is easy to follow

The Procedure step-by-step

When you come in for your vaginal lightening process, the laser technician will gently clean the area and apply vaginal lidocaine cream to improve the comfort of the treatment. 

The treatment starts with the spectra laser, which we frequently use for pigmentation of the face and body. The laser targets the melanin molecule in the vaginal area and helps to remove the excess pigment that causes the darker color.

The Renovalase Fotona Erbium Laser is an ablative laser that removes the thin superficial layers of pigmented surface tissue. This, in turn, reveals lighter skin and promotes the development of fresh, less pigmented cells. The new skin will be tighter and smoother as the Fotona laser stimulates collagen and elastin formation, a lovely side of laser treatment. The lighter and tighter vaginal outer skin is worth the few days of redness and discomfort. 

Am I a good candidate for Vaginal Whitening treatment?

Vaginal whitening treatment is recommended for clients whose skin color in the groin area is darker than the rest of the body.

What are the expected side effects of Vaginal Whitening treatment?

Vaginal whitening is a safe treatment; however, there is a risk of hyper or hypopigmentation like any laser treatment. Thus, we perform a test spot during the consultation, and we monitor for any side effects before doing the actual treatment.

Who is not a good candidate for Vaginal Whitening treatment?

  • The Vaginal Whitening is not recommended for clients with the following:
  • Any strictures, conditions, infection, or abnormalities within the urinary system
  • Pregnancy, or trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding.
  • The use of oral Isotretinoin, Vit A, Accutane

What is the price of the Vaginal Whitening treatment?

The cost is $450 per session. Most client requires four sessions to reach optimal results; however, every case is different, and some clients might need fewer or more sessions depending on the observed results.

What is Vaginal Whitening treatment downtime?

You should be able to resume your usual activities, including employment, immediately after treatment. Clients are advised to avoid extreme heat exposure in the treated area to avoid side effects and recurrence of pigmentation.

How to get ready for Vaginal Whitening treatment?

Avoid anticoagulant or blood thinner medications (such as aspirin), anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil, and limiting alcohol intake to reduce the risk of bleeding.

The Fotona SMOOTH-mode treatment causes deep collagen remodeling and new collagen synthesis. When collagen is subjected to a suitable temperature increase, its fibers contract abruptly, causing the irradiated bulk tissue to constrict and shrink. The thermal effect on collagen is not just temporary when exposed to higher temperatures; it lasts throughout the collagen remodeling and neocollagenesis processes, resulting in new collagen and a significant improvement in the tightness and elasticity of the treated tissue.

Vaginal Whitening True Story

Ms. M, as previously said, has been self-conscious of her labia since she was a small child. This was because her inner labia hung far lower than her outer labia, many centimeters below her labia major, and it was darker in color. “I’d always believed I was different, but it wasn’t until I was naked around other females that I realized I was,” she explains. Ms. M avoided bikinis at all costs as a consequence. She didn’t want to expose her inner labia to the public. She felt similarly unable to wear those tight, stylish yoga trousers, which revealed the contour and structure of her vulva.

The effect on self-conscious

Ms. M’s prior relationships suffered as she always felt uneasy about getting naked and touched down there. “What if they looked at me, made a joke about roast beef vagina?” Ms. M continued to feel insecure even after marrying. “At one point, my husband and I were watching a television show together, and a character made a joke about a woman who had my sort of labia,” she added. “In front of my spouse, I felt embarrassed.”

Non-surgical options

Ms. M came across the phrase ” Non-surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation and Vaginal Whitening” while reading an internet article on cosmetic surgery. Nonsurgical Labiaplasty is a technique that involves tightening and shrinking a woman’s inner labia by laser at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center in Edmonton. “This was the first time I realized there was a method to alter what I was going through and that many others were in a similar predicament,” she recalls. “It’s natural to feel lonely when dealing with these challenges. This was quite freeing.” Ms. M sought counsel with R.N. Dima Omran shortly after her internet discovery. “I didn’t have a photograph, but Dma suggested were vaginal laser treatment my outer and inner labia,” she explains.

Talk to your partner before the treatment.

On the other hand, her spouse never advised or pressed her to explore Labiaplasty. “He was taken aback yet supportive,” she recalls. “He told me he didn’t care and that I was under no obligation to do anything, but he would back me whatever.” Ms. M underwent Labiaplasty a few weeks later, a one-day operation she characterizes as “easy, quick, and uncomplicated,” but general anesthesia is necessary. Ms. Omran advised taking two days off work, refraining from physical activity for one week, and abstaining from sex. Ms. M, on the other hand, felt strong enough to return to work the next day. This patient now has received four treatments of vaginal laser tightening and $4800 in out-of-pocket payments later. “I have no regrets that I went to the Vaginal Whitening procedure, and the experience was completely worthwhile,”

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