vaginal whitening


The skin in the intimate and genital regions becomes more textured and dark as we age. Shaving and waxing have an effect on pigmentation over time. Some females seek safe and effective treatment options for hyperpigmentation and pubic lightening.

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center in Edmonton provides safe and effective vaginal whitening. It is a novel procedure that can aid in the removal of pigmentation and leave your vagina pink and soft.

What are the treatments for vaginal hyperpigmentation?

We combine the spectra nanosecond laser with Fotona Intimalase laser for best results.

First phase

First, we may ask you to go through a chemical lightening process that involves applying lightening agents to your skin for 4 to 6 weeks. You could also use a lightning agent to apply to the target area. Kojic acids, Retinoic acids, and Hydroquinone are examples of lightning agents. Although these lightning agents will not produce the desired results, they will help to reduce the activity of pigment cells. In addition, the lightning agents will assist in putting them into a less reactive state.

Second phase

During this stage, nanosecond lasers are typically used to target the pigment. The laser reduces pigmentation in the vaginal and groyne area. The treatment employs nanosecond lasers with short pulse durations that target pigment cells. As the laser's heat energy strikes the area, it causes a photoacoustic "shattering" effect. This results in crusting and shedding, which heals after a few days.

We make nanosecond lasers, and the Fotona Intimalase laser is more effective at lighting pigments due to its short pulse duration and low heat output.

Third Phase

The Fotona Intimalase laser is an Er: Yag laser that uses water as a chromophore. It causes skin resurfacing in order to obtain newer, lighter skin. The Fotona Handpiece is intended for both internal and external vaginal treatments.

How Many Vaginal Whitening Treatments Do You Need?

A number of treatments are required. The first phase lasts 4 to 8 weeks, followed by a few treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart in the second and third phases. In general, improving the appearance of vaginal hyperpigmentation in this region takes 3 to 9 months.


What type of Lightning results should I expect?

After the treatment, patients can expect about 50 to 90 percent reduction in vaginal hyperpigmentation.


Maintenance Required for Vaginal Whitening Results

If the results are not maintained, the hyperpigmentation may reoccur. It is best to use home lighting products and clinic maintenance treatments that use nanosecond pulsed light technology. It is required at regular intervals throughout the year following the initial treatment.

Vaginal whitening in Edmonton

Are there any side effects of Vaginal Whitening?

For a few days after the treatment, you may experience itching and mild burning. However, these usually go away. To relieve the itching and burning sensation, apply topical ointments. You can also resume your normal activities a few days after the treatment. For a few weeks, avoid activities like running, jogging, and sexual intimacy. Your skin will be able to heal as a result of this.

Other Benefits of the Vaginal Whitening

The client's sexual pleasure may improve following the vaginal whitening course. In addition, we provide other vaginal treatments such as vaginal tightening. Vaginal rejuvenation, Votiva, O shot and Urinary Incontinence.