vaginal whitening


Why do we need more vaginal whitening treatment in Edmonton? As we age, the skin in the intimate and genital regions become more textured and dark. Moreover, shaving and waxing, might genital area to be significantly darker than the rest of the skin. As a result, females look for safe and effective treatment in hyperpigmentation and to lighten the pubic area.

Vaginal whitening in Edmonton

Albany Cosmetic and laser center offers effective and safe vaginal whitening Procedure in Edmonton. It is an innovative procedure that can help remove pigmentation and leave your vagina pink and soft.

Before we talk more about whitening the private areas, let's take a look at Peri-vaginal and Peri-anal Hyperpigmentation and what causes it.

Yes, people feel uncomfortable with hyperpigmentation issues like melasma. And it occurs around the forehead region, cheeks, and mouth.

But these conditions and syndromes can also happen in other areas of the body. This includes the intertriginous regions where a lot of rubbing, friction, and irritation occur. These areas include:

The groin


Inguinal, and genital regions

Also, hyperpigmentation may develop the perianal skin

Labia minora

labia majora

The groin creases

The area between the anus and vagina

What are the causes of Vaginal pigmentation?

Often, hyperpigmentation in this region are caused by more than one factor (hereditary and physical factors). People who risk vaginal hyperpigmentation are dark-skinned. Also, they are of the African, Asian, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Latino origin. These individuals with genital hyperpigmentation may have a history of hyperpigmentation. Also, hair follicle in their bikini, groin, the perianal, or peri-vaginal area may cause hyperpigmentation.

 Other causes include

UV light tanning

Sun tanning naked

Friction during normal daily activities and sexual intimacy. These activities can worsen vaginal hyperpigmentation.

Shaving and burns due to waxing 

How is vaginal hyperpigmentation treated?

Hyperpigmentation in the groin, bikini, and vaginal can be difficult to treat. Also, it normally requires professional medical intervention. Albany laser and cosmetic center is the best choice for Bikini and vaginal lightening. All thanks to long years of lasers and medical treatment experience and the variety of laser machines that we offer

What are the treatments for vaginal hyperpigmentation?

We combine the spectra nanosecond laser with Fotona Intimalase laser for best results.

First phase

First, we might ask you to undergo a chemical lightening process by applying lightening agents for 4 to 6 weeks. Moreover, you might use a lightening agent for you to apply in the target area. These lightning agents include Kojic acids, Retinoic acids, and Hydroquinone. Although these lightning agents will not give you the results you want, they'll help reduce the activity of pigment cells. Also, the lightning agents will help put them into less reactive phase.

Second phase

This phase usually includes the use of nanosecond lasers to target the pigment. The laser reduces the pigment in your vaginal and groin region.

Further, the treatment makes use of short pulse duration nanosecond lasers, which targets the pigment cells. As the heat energy from the laser target the area it causes a photoacoustic “shattering” effect. This, in turn, results causes crusting and shedding, which heals after some days.

We make the nanosecond lasers, and Fotona Intimalase laser more effective at lightning pigments is the short pulse duration and little heat.

Third Phase

Fotona Intimalase is Er: Yag laser that uses the water as a chromophore. It produces skin resurfacing to get a new lighter skin. Fotona Handpiece is designed for internal and external vaginal treatment


How Many Vaginal Whitening Treatments Do You Need?

Whitening the private areas require few treatments. The pre-procedural lightning phase is 4 to 8 weeks followed by few treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart of the second and third phases. In general, it takes about three to nine months to improve the look of vaginal hyperpigmentation in this region.


What type of Lightening results should I expect?

After the treatment, patients can expect about 50 to 90 percent reduction in vaginal hyperpigmentation.


Maintenance Required for Vaginal Whitening Results

The hyperpigmentation may reoccur if you don't maintain the results. It's best to use home lightning products and maintenance treatments in the clinic with nanosecond pulsed light technology. It's required at intervals all through year after the first treatment.

Are there any side effects of Vaginal Whitening?

After the treatment, you may experience itching, mild burning for some days. But these normally go away.

You can apply topical ointments to reduce the itching and burning sensation. Also, you can return to your normal activities a few days after the treatment. But avoid rigorous activities like running, jogging, and sexual intimacy for some weeks. This will allow your skin to heal.

Other Benefits of the Vaginal Whitening

After the vaginal whitening course, the client might experience enhanced in the sexual pleasure. Moreover, We offer other vaginal treatment such as Vaginal tightening, Vaginal rejuvenation, Votiva, O shot and Urinvary incotinence.