Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

If you are any man (or women) what grab your attention when looking to a lady, The answer would be either Lips, breasts, or buttocks. Having a good proportion of the size and shape is of the Buttock with the rest of the body is an important factor that increases confidence is self-conscious women. If you would like to know more about this procedure, then buckle up!



What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is a butt lifting procedure (buttock augmentation) to change the shape and volume of your butt to make similar to the sexy Brazilian girls.

Before and after butt lift
Impressive result after receiving 300 ml of fillers and 4 threads



There is no Brazilian and non-Brazilian Butt lift, however, because Brazilian girls are genetically fortunate to have a nice up-lifted shape and a bigger than usual size of buttocks, everybody started to refer to the procedure as Brazilian lift. Lots of people are not satisfied with the flat of their butt. This concern service mainly when it is bikini time or if there is a special dress for a special occasion.


Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton

What to improve in your butt look?

The main idea behind the Brazilian butt lift is to change the shape from angular to curvey. Usually, most of the client that comes to visit us at Albany cosmetic and laser center showed one of the three shapes as shown in the infographic pictured below.


Butt lift wit Sculptra
The square shape is more frequently referred to as flat butt.  Ladies wit square buttocks show no curves but a straight line between the waist to the thighs. The V shape and the A shape are other two undesired shapes.


non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton
non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton

With the A shape, we, at Albany Center is Edmonton, prefer to do threads lift as we have good volume. For the other two types, we need to have a combination of volume and lifting as we will explain later on. The Upsidedown heart shape is what people refer to as the Kardashian's butt.


butt enhancement


What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery?

The Surgical Brazilian butt lift procedures

Fat grafting (fat transfer( is another name of the surgical butt lift. In this procedure, the patient has to get under general anesthesia. The surgeon proceeds by harvesting fats from the unwanted body areas, and implant them (injects fat) areas of the body according to client preference.


before and after brazilian butt lift in Edmonton


This procedure can be performed for the face of the body, such as buttocks. The procedure can also be performed using silicone implants.  This video shows a fat transfer procedure that We do not perform here at Albany center in Edmonton



Butt lift wit Sculptra


Advantages and disadvantages:

The surgical approach (surgical procedure) is really effective and you hit two bird with one stone; which is removing fats from the unwanted areas such as muffin tops, and boosting other areas. Another advantage is using the client own excess fats, with synthetic material. like anything else, this procedure has a couple of drawbacks.


BBL Brazilian Butt Lift Edmonton
BBL Brazilian Butt Lift Edmonton


The general anesthesia (intravenous sedation) and the long downtime are huge. Not everyone is qualified to go under general anesthesia. Moreover, harvesting the fats is such a harsh process that leaves lots of bruising and required long downtime. The price is significantly higher than the non-surgical route. This aesthetic plastic surgery has reported deaths from bbl with a high mortality rate.

The Non-surgical Brazilian butt lift procedures

To avoid the surgery complication, we came up with a minimally invasive Brazilian butt lift procedure in Edmonton to increase volume and give lift.

As we mentioned, there are two things we need to change

  1. Increase Volume
  2. Lift Up the shape

Sculptra Fillers to improve the volume

we use the collagen-inducing fillers called Sculptra. The ploy lactic acid microsphere in the fillers induce the body to make its one collagen at a different area of injection such as face and neck. Lately, we start using this technique for adding volume to body areas such as buttocks. Using hyaluronic acid fillers is not an option here as it will cost a fortune before achieving satisfactory results.

Dr. Alhallak Ph.D. injects the Sculptra in the buttocks area using a 22G blunt flexible cannula, to avoid any pain or bruising. We might use a sharp need to help with cellulite. The sharp needle will cause way more bruises than a blunt needle (broken blood vessel).

As we Explain earlier, the Square and A shape buttocks shape will need to increase the volume considerable to achieve good results. The following video shows the procedure of Sculptra injection in the buttock



Brazilian butt lift
Brazilian butt lift

PDO threads Buttocks lift in Edmonton

Dr. Kamak is an artist with the fillers and threads, he loves to use anywhere in the body, and recently he started to use them for a butt lift, especially if the client does not need extra volume. The PDO threads are made of the same material as the wound stitches. The material is hypoallergic, with no metal residue. The material is biocompatible (it blends with the body tissue) and biodegradable (it dissolve by itself over time). The 360 bi-directional barb threads lift the tissue up against the gravity and hold it in place. Over time, new collagen builds up and replace the threads to provide a natural tether to keep the tissue lifted. It is widely used for a non-surgical facelift and we started to use it in different parts of the body

Is it safe?

Yes, the procedure is very safe and does not require any sedation. The area is infused with lidocaine to block the nerve, so the procedure is painless. However, the area would be very tender for 48 hours. We will tape the area all up to help the thread to lift the tissue up. Clients remove tapes at home, there is not stitches or marks to worries about. The downtime is 48 hours and clients should expect some bruising

Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton
Brazilian butt lift in Edmonton

How much is the cost for a non-surgical butt lift?

The starter package is 2 vials of Sculptra and 10 threads priced at 2500. We understand that this is lots of money but, this barely covers the cost of the material. This is an elective procedure and it is by any means not necessary. This procedure is not covered by AHS or any Insurance


Brazilian Butt lift before and after


What is Next?

If you decided that this is something you would like to do or you are interested but have more question. Please book a free consultation with Dr. Alhallak and he will answer all your questions. We provide all type of cosmetic and aesthetic services such as facelift, Botox, fillers, body slimming, fat removal, skin tightening, laser,  Fat freezing, PRP, peels

To minimize the bruising and get best results, Dr. Kamal  uses the 18G 10cm blunt flexible cannula. he has perfected using the cannula for the facelift in the past. Therefore, it was easy with him adapting the technique to the Butt lift procedure.