Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a butt-lifting (buttock augmentation) procedure that alters the shape and volume of your buttocks.

Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

The surgeon then harvests fat from unwanted body areas and implants (injects fat) it into areas of the body that the client prefers. This procedure can be used on the face as well as in other areas such as the buttocks. Silicone implants can also be used in the procedure. A fat transfer procedure is demonstrated in this video (Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center does not perform this procedure).

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits include effectiveness and the client’s use of excess fat to enhance other areas of their body. The use of general anesthesia (intravenous sedation) and downtime are disadvantages. Furthermore, fat harvesting is a bruising process. The cost is much higher than the non-surgical option.

Non-surgical Brazilian Sculptra Buttlift

Sculptra is a collagen-inducing filler that we use. Dr. Alhallak Ph.D. administers Sculptra injections to the buttocks. To help with cellulite, we could use a sharp needle. The Sculptra injection in the buttocks is shown in the video below.


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A Sculptra buttlift is not like other types of dermal fillers. Sculptra injects poly-L-lactic acid into your dermal layers rather than adding volume directly as hyaluronic acid ingredients would. This substance stimulates your body’s natural collagen production mechanism. Sculptra injections fill out the area under your buttocks with a curved shape that looks natural and fits your body type because collagen is the protein that gives your skin its structure and shape.

Collagen formation can take several weeks to months. This means that you will most likely require several injections to see an improvement in volume and shape. Except for the face, Sculptra dermal filler is not currently FDA-approved for use on any other part of the body. Because Sculptra for buttocks is considered an off-label use, there isn’t a lot of clinical data on what to expect in terms of results. Anecdotally, many people who receive this treatment are pleased with the results.

The Sculptra buttlift procedure

When you arrive for your appointment, you will be given a paper gown and told to put it on. Then, your provider will tell you to lie down on your stomach. To sterilize the area of your injection and reduce the risk of infection, your provider or an assistant will swab it with alcohol.

Depending on your preferences and the advice of your provider, you may have an anesthetic applied topically to your buttocks to alleviate any discomfort you may feel during the injection. The injection itself will only take a few moments as your provider injects Sculptra into your buttocks using sterilized equipment. Following the injections, you may be given a bandage over the area where the shots were inserted. You can get dressed as usual and drive immediately after that.

Injection areas

The buttocks and gluteal area are targeted by the Sculptra butt lift. Sculptra butt lift, unlike other liposuction-based procedures, only affects your buttocks.

What to Expect Following a Sculptra Buttlift

The recovery time following a Sculptra buttlift is minimal. Your provider will give you instructions, and you may be asked to refrain from drinking alcohol and engaging in strenuous exercise for a day or two after the injection. You will not see immediate results from your Sculptra buttlift. The injection works to gradually increase your body’s collagen production, so the results may take 4 to 6 months to appear. The effects of this buttlift aren’t long-lasting. Within two years of the procedure, Sculptra dissolves and is absorbed by your body.

Results of Sculptra Buttlift

The outcome of this procedure is determined by a variety of factors, including your provider’s level of experience. Anecdotally, many people are pleased with this treatment, describing it as a low-risk way to achieve significantly rounder and more pert buttocks.

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How much is the cost for a non-surgical butt lift?

We offer four different packages to fit everyone who wishes to have butt augmentation.

Package one: contains 2 vials of Sculptra 1800

Package two: contains 4 vials of Sculptra 3000

Package three: 6 vials of Sculptra 4000

Package four: 8 vials of Sculptra 6000

What is next?

Please book a consultation with Dr. Alhallak, Ph.D., to answer all of your questions. We provide various cosmetic and aesthetic services such as facelift, Botox, fillers, body slimming, fat removalskin tightening, laser,  Fat freezing, PRP and peels.

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