Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a butt lifting procedure (buttock augmentation) to change the shape and volume of your buttocks.

Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift

The surgeon proceeds by harvesting fats from the unwanted body areas and implants them (injects fat) into areas of the body according to the client's preference. This procedure can be performed for the face and other areas such as buttocks. The procedure can also be performed using silicone implants. This video shows a fat transfer procedure (Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center does not perform this procedure).

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages include effectiveness and that the client uses their excess fats to enhance other areas of their body. Disadvantages include the use of general anesthesia (intravenous sedation) and downtime. Moreover, harvesting fats is a process that leaves bruising. The price is significantly higher than the non-surgical route.



Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift-Sculptra and PDO threads

We use the collagen-inducing filler called Sculptra. Dr. Alhallak Ph.D. injects Sculptra in the buttocks area. We might use a sharp needle to help with cellulite. The following video shows the Sculptra injection in the buttocks.

before and after butt lift
Impressive result after receiving 300 ml of fillers and 4 threads




non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton
non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton
non-surgical butt lift info-graphic in Edmonton


How much is the cost for a non-surgical butt lift?

The starter package is 6 vials of Sculptra priced at $4,000.This procedure is not covered by AHS or other insurance.

Brazilian Butt lift

Brazilian Butt lift
Brazilian Butt lift

What is next?

Please book a free consultation with Dr. Alhallak, Ph.D., to answer all of your questions. We provide a variety of cosmetic and aesthetic services such as facelift, Botox, fillers, body slimming, fat removalskin tightening, laser,  Fat freezing, PRP and peels