stretch mark removal


Causes of Stretch marks and cellulite 

Cellulite and stretch marks are common concerns for women. Cellulite and stretch marks occur when the elastic fibers and collagen are damaged or deleted. 80% of women over 20 years have cellulite regardless of their size or weight. Cellulite affects the skin, especially in regions with hidden fat deposits.

Cellulite can be visible on the thighs, hips, and buttocks, making the skin look lumpy and dimpled. Cellulite occurs when the fat cells situated under the skin layers become swollen with excess water, fat, and toxins. As a result, the fat cells push through the skin’s connective fibers, causing a lumpy and dimpled effect. Another factor that increases the appearance of cellulite is weight loss and weight gain, which destroys the elasticity of the skin, making it more visible.

Fraxel and Kuma Shape can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

Watch this video to understand more about Stretch Marks

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Real Poeple, Real Results

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Fraxel is a fractional laser with two wavelengths. It is the golden standard of skin resurfacing, with special wavelengths and rolling tip. The laser energy will be absorbed by water in the skin and turned into heat to renew skin collagen. You can read about Fraxel by clicking here.

Fotona Tightsculpting 

Fotona Laser is a non-invasive procedure that helps people with stretch marks and cellulite achieve a smooth toned appearance. Kuma Shape helps slim down muffin top, love-handles, large thighs, and bra fat. One great benefit of Kuma Shape is that it offers amazing results without any significant discomfort or downtime.

How does Tightsculpting work?

Fotona uses special ND-YAG Frequency, a safe infrared light. The heat energy removes the fat cells efficiently, shrinking the fat cells to their normal size. When this is done, the fat will no longer appear on the surface of the skin. Kuma Shape will help remove the toxins created by fat cells naturally.

How many treatments are required?

You will notice impressive and visible results after one session. Most patients need three to four treatments to achieve complete results. On average, it can take up to eight weeks to see results.

How is the fat eliminated?

When the fat cells are heated, the body breaks them down. The liver then processes the fat and eliminates the waste naturally.

Is Fotona TightSculpt safe?

Kuma Shape is FDA-approved and is very safe. Kuma Shape doesn’t do damage to any surrounding cells or tissue beneath the skin as it only targets fat cells.

Can I use Fotona Tightsculpting immediately after giving birth?

It depends on your overall health after childbirth. You can begin the procedure whenever you feel comfortable. Talk to your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) to determine if you can undergo a stretch mark or cellulite reduction procedure, Fotona Laser.

You are a perfect candidate for Kuma Shape if you:

  • Have a stable weight
  • Are reasonably fit
  • Have lumpy and dimple-like cellulite
  • Have a good skin texture and tone.
stretch marks removal Cost In Edmonton
stretch marks removal Cost In Edmonton

The most common side effects of Laser procedures are redness, swelling, or bruising around the targeted area. However, these signs disappear within a few days or weeks. Patients may also experience dryness in the area. Lubricating the area with Aloe-Vera can help reduce dryness.

What is the average time needed to perform the treatment?

Treating cellulite and stretch marks with radiofrequency requires about 45 minutes. However, it depends on the area and how pronounced the stretch mark and cellulite are.

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