eyebrow lift in Edmonton

Eyebrow lift in Edmonton

Eyebrow lift procedures in Edmonton have increased in popularity. It includes Boxtox, Fillers, Laser or Palsma pen treatment. Imagine looking tired, old, and sad when in fact, you’re not. That’s what a droopy eyelid can cause. If you wish to read more about the surgical methods (we do not provide), you can click here.

The eyebrows are one of the most noticeable facial traits. They help accent the shape of your face, eye, and play a key role in communication. We’ve all witnessed the change of eyebrows over the past few years. From the bushy and big brows to super-thin brow, the change never stops.

But aside from the size, the shape also matters too. Believe me, when I say, a perfectly shaped and groomed brows can transform your look. So it’s no news that more people now use non-invasive means to achieve the ideal brow.


non-surgical eyebrow lift in Edmonton
non-surgical eyebrow lift in Edmonton


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So what are these non-invasive procedures? Let’s find out...

Botox for eyebrow lift

We all know about the benefits and disadvantages of Botox. A lot of people use Botox to fix specific problem areas for a more youthful look. And now the cosmetic procedure is helping people lift their brows.

 Brow Botox, also called Botox is a procedure that involves injecting Botox into the brow area. The treatment help smooth and lift the surrounding skin; Also, the treatment can help fix droopy or uneven brows. The treatment gives an illusion of a youthful look by opening up the brow area slightly.

Further, Botox treatment has become so popular over the years. I’ve seen several changes and how it helped enhanced beauty and boost confidence. A lot of people have testified that Botox for face lift and eyebrow lift has made their brows to look symmetrical. Others say that they can now apply foundation more evenly to their brow area.

You don’t need cosmetic surgery, the lifting effects of Botox can also transform how your brow sits. If you have droopy brows, you can’t lift it by carving alone. Botox will help your brows sit uniformly along your brow bone. If you want a graceful brow arch, applying Botox above the arch will define and lift the shape of your brows.

Dermal fillers

placing dermal fillers beneath your eyebrow can support, and this elevates your eyebrow. Typically, you only need half to one syringe of dermal fillers in this area. Fillers also soften your eyebrow’s skeletal orbital rim. This gives you a more youthful and softer look.

As you age, your eyebrow region will appear skeletal. And by injecting fillers on your bony rim, it lessens the appearance of an underlying skull.

Ultimately, you can use fillers in the middle half of your upper brow to minimize sagging skin and brows. Normally, upper eyelids droop from the exterior half first, making the middle half appear hollow. By using fillers to fill the mid half of your brow, this evens out the look of your upper eyelid and lessens droopy eyelids.

Also, the recovery time from the treatment depend on the degree of correction. For some, recovery takes few days, with no downtime required.

Lasers for eyebrow lift

Laser technology employs the use of a regulated beam of light. Laser therapy has a lot of applications in several fields like hair removal, removing wrinkles, eye surgery, and so much more. As time goes by, the technology improves – now it’s used for coronal brow lift procedures.

How does eyebrow lift with lasers work?



A laser can help rid your skin of wrinkles and lift your eyebrow. Also, the use of lasers is an excellent way to achieve great results without the dangers that come with eyelid surgery. The use of lasers can be an excellent alternative if you don’t want to go under the knife.

What are the pros and cons of getting an eyebrow lift through laser?

The laser has several advantages. With lasers, don’t need to worry about adverse skin reaction. Unlike the invasive brow lift procedures, you don’t need to undergo large or small incisions. Surgery carries a lot of risks like swelling, bruising, and scarring.

However, the laser option also has some side effects. These include scarring, pain during the treatment, to mention a few. Also, you may need to undergo several sessions to rejuvenate your eyebrow completely. As a result, Laser treatments for eyebrow can be expensive.

Plasma pen for eyebrow lift

The Plasma Pen procedure is an advanced and non-invasive lift treatment. It firms up and lifts the skin with fast results that keeps on improving within eight weeks.

A fine electrical (plasma) arc is discharged from the tip of the pen without touching your skin. And this is created by a blend of nitrogen and oxygen developed right above your skin’s surface. This vaporizes the eyebrow area, giving an immediate tightening effect to the target area.

As collagen starts to form, crusts develop and peel off. The result is a tighter and smoother skin – which occurs within days.

Put differently, the procedure only targets the surface epithelium of the skin and lifts your skin. No doubt, the plasma pen is an advanced innovation in the aesthetic world and a superb option to plastic surgery.

However, don’t confuse plasma with blood plasma. The plasma pen procedure doesn’t involve blood, aside from gasses, liquids, and solids. Plasma is created by heating gas until its electrons have enough energy to leave the grip of the positively charged nuclei. When the molecular bond breaks and atoms lose or gain electrons, ions develop.

So what does that mean to me?

Yes, Yes, enough of the scientific jargon. In essence, the plasma pen functions by using the voltage in the atmosphere between its tip and the normal gasses released from our skin, to build a plasma charge. This then creates a little electrical arc and immediately contracts the eyebrow area. The tissues pull in and tighten, giving you a youthful and elevated eyebrow.

So that’s it! These procedures mentioned above can give you that perfect eyebrow you desire.

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