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Vampire Facelift in Edmonton

Vampire facelift combines the best of the two cosmetic fields, the PRP and HA Fillers. Therefore, it provides an excellent treatment for people who looks to improve skin texture and improve sagging skin.


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Are vampire facelift and facial the same?

No, The vampire facelift is a more advanced technique that aims to restore a youthful look in the face through the injection of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) with fillers such as Juvederm. A vampire facial, however, injects the PRP by itself through a procedure known as Micro needling without and fillers. The vampire facial is the one that Kim Kardashian made popularly, and as noted above, this non-surgical procedure skips the dermal filler part. The facelift helps deeper layers of the skin.

How does the facelift work?

It works by using a portion of your blood, rich in growth factors to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin naturally. This will increase elasticity and collagen production. The skin is re-plumped and rejuvenated; fine lines and wrinkles are reduced to create a youthful, radiant glow.

What is the procedure of vampire facelift?

The term itself sounds scary and perhaps even painful, but it's a relatively simple procedure. Many people have questions about what this procedure entails. This facelift is a non-invasive procedure which involves using the patient's blood. Thereafter, we separate the platelet-rich plasma with a high concentration of growth factors.



The next step is to mix the natural part of the treatment, the PRP, with HA fillers, we prefer Juvederm Voluma. We use special numbing cream and leave it for about one hour in case we choose to do microneedling. The mixture is then ready to be injected with a sharp needle with a blunt cannula. This treatment leaves the patient with softer, lighter skin color than before the procedure. We use the needle to correct the fine lines and the cannula for the deep wrinkles.

Advantages of vampire facelift

Develops an improved skin quality

Promotes skin clarity

Battles with the factors of aging

Improvement in the blood flow

A painless process

It stimulates collagen production

Lessens the skin folds

Skin becomes soft

The sagging skin becomes normal

Complete removal of scars and spots

After the treatment, the HA fillers give the jump-start and the growth factors begin to speed up the skin rejuvenation. The skin becomes tight and it improves the tone and texture. We also can use this treatment to correct stretch marks and acne scars

What are the Areas treated by the Vampire Facelift?

Lines at corners of the mouth

"Bunny lines" or "bunny nose" — dynamic wrinkles on the nose

Crow's feet (lines in corners of the eyes)

Forehead wrinkles

Frown lines

Smile lines

Plumping of the cheeks

Who can have a vampire facelift?

Everyone can benefit from this treatment. Patients with problems such as fine lines and wrinkles can benefit from the vampire facelift.  Moreover, this treatment improves sagging skin due to skin aging and loss of collagen. It also helps people with a tired face and hollow under-eye areas.

Patients whose skin looks tired, gray and opaque may also benefit from a vampire facelift. In the end, the treated facial area continues to show improvement while achieving the platelet-rich fibrin matrix.

How long does the vampire facelift last?

The renewal effects of the procedure continue for the first few months. Depending on the individual's response, the results can last for over a year.

How quickly can I get back to my daily activities?

Most clients feel comfortable going back to their normal activities immediately and back to work the following day.

How long does the vampire facelift take?

The consultation takes 10 minutes, while the actual treatment, will take 90 minutes.

Does the vampire facelift hurt?

The procedure is a near painless series of injections it to areas of the face to reduce wrinkles, add youthful volume, and improve the quality of your skin.

What are the possible side effects of the vampire facelift?

The procedure usually calls "lunchtime lift" because recovery is usually minimal. You can expect redness and sometimes bruising.

Can Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment be used in combination with other skin treatments?

Yes, the vampire facelift used in combination with Dermapen Microneedling and Dermal Fillers has shown amazing results.

Is everyone a candidate?

There some people who cannot do the procedure such as people with auto-immune diseases, or have an active infection. The consultation is an essential part of the treatment

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If you are not aware of face lifting process, it is necessary for you to consult Dr. Kamal (PhD in Pharmacy) and seek his advice on the same before undergoing the treatment. Also, the vampire facelift is not only an effective method but also affordable.


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