Pain During Sex

Pain during sex can cause a lot of issues among couples. Aside from the pain, it creates a bad emotional effect. So, you need to fix the problems the moment it starts. Painful sex is one of the most important diagnostic features of sexual dysfunction



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What Causes pain during sex (dyspareunia)?

In several cases, a woman can feel pain if vaginal lubrication isn’t enough. When this happens, you can ease the pain if you’re more relaxed and if you increase foreplay.

Most times, a woman can feel pain during sex if any of these conditions are present:


Vaginismus occurs when there is a pain in the vaginal muscles. Also, the fear of being hurt causes Vaginismus.

Vaginal infections

These infections common and include yeast infections.

Problems with the cervix

During maximum penetration, the penis can get to the cervix. So, an infection of the cervix can cause discomfort during penetration.


If you have fibroids, you can experience pain during sex Endometriosis: This is a condition where the endometrium develops outside the uterus.

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PIDs)

This occurs when the tissues around the pelvic get inflamed. When pressure is applied to that area, it causes deep pain.

Vaginal atrophy

When the vaginal lining loses its usual thickness and moisture, it becomes thin, dry, and inflamed.

Sex after surgery

Intercourse after immediately after childbirth or surgery can cause pain.

Injury to your vagina or vulva

These include an episiotomy, tear from childbirth during labor.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

STIs like herpes sores or genital warts can also cause pain during intercourse.

Poor lubrication

Poor lubrication when you’re aroused can also cause pain.


There are women how to have a chronic, long-lasting, dull pain in the vulvar area without a known cause. The medical term for this pain is Vulvodynia

What are the signs of painful sex?

Pain during intercourse can occur when your partner attempts entry or immediately after sexual intercourse.

A common sign is a pain on entry, which gives a burning or sharp sensation. Another common sign is deep pain. Other symptoms may include pelvic cramping, muscle spasms, and tightness.


pain during sex

How is painful intercourse diagnosed?

Your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will ask about the history of pain during sex. Your history and a thorough physical examination can reveal the likely cause of the pain.

A doctor may examine your lower back, abdomen, pelvis, to understand your anatomy and pain’s location. The exam will let you guide your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) to the spot of the pain. Some of this test should include a rectovaginal exam or rectal exam. The test may consist of a Pap smear, urinalysis, and other laboratory examinations.

Further, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) may recommend tests, like MRI, CT scan, or a pelvic ultrasound. He may also perform an X-ray to show your urinary tract and urinary bladder. Also, you may be referred to a urologist for these examinations.

Another procedure a doctor can use to check for any abnormalities is a cystoscopy. Here, your doctor (or injection certified pharmacists) will use a thin, illuminated probe to view the internal lining of the urethra and bladder.


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Treating painful intercourse depends on what causes the pain. Some treatment options include:


If a medical issue or infection contributes to the pain, treating the cause may alleviate the pain. Changing treatments that cause lubrication problems can eliminate the symptoms. For some postmenopausal women, painful intercourse is caused by insufficient lubrication. It’s often due to low levels of estrogen. But you can treat this with topical estrogen placed directly to your vagina.

The FDA approved the drug Osphena to treat mild to severe painful intercourse. It’s mainly for women with vaginal lubrication issues.

But it comes with some disadvantages. First, the drug may cause hot flashes, which may result in blood clots, stroke, and cancer. Another drug to ease pain during sex is prasterone capsule. It’s placed in the placed vagina daily.


The O-shot is injecting the Platelet-rich Plasma in the genital area. The injection is effective as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other procedures. Read more about the O-shot here.

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Votiva is an advanced radio frequency, intro, and extravaginal treatment and helps in all type of vaginal pain including vulvodynia. Read more about it here


Laser therapy

If you’re searching for an effective and safe way to treat painful intercourse, laser therapy can help. It is an effective and innovative treatment that offers a long-term solution. Aside from eliminating dry vaginal, laser therapy can help stop further complications like vaginal atrophy. Albany laser and cosmetic center, in Edmonton, use Fotona Erbium laser technology to rejuvenate the tissues that cover the vaginal channel (Intimalase).



It helps restores the right trophic balance to these tissues. The procedure directly solves any underlying conditions that result in painful sex. Also, the treatment activates the release of new collagen that rejuvenates the vaginal mucosa. This, in turn, help restore pain-free sexual intimacy and (normal vaginal function. You only need 3 treatment sessions to ease the pain. Also, you don’t need to live with this condition — contact us today to learn how we can help you!


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