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PRP Treatment

PRP treatment in Edmonton

Are you fed up of seeing clumps of hair on your brush or pillow? Have you searched for the best clinic to provide PRP injections as a treatment for hair loss and alopecia treatment? Search no more! We have helped hundreds of males and females with different hair loss patterns and alopecia. These include hormonal imbalances, seasonal and patchy hair loss. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a great option to restore hair loss and an excellent option for hair growth and prevention of alopecia.

Female pattern hair loss is different from male pattern hair loss. However, regardless of the pattern and the cause, Plasma in a high concentration will restore hair loss. The most generic type of hair loss – Androgenic alopecia has over 40% of women and 80% of men concerned about their hair loss.

What is PRP?

This is a treatment where a vial of your blood is taken and then spun at a high speed (in a centrifuge) to separate your blood into two layers: plasma and red blood cells. The plasma layer has a high concentration of platelets which contain numerous growth factors. These growth factors are injected into the scalp to induce new hair growth, improve density, quality, and rate of growth of new hairs. This treatment is repeated about once a month for three months and then every three to six months afterward. PRP has been shown to decrease hair loss and also increase the thickness and density of the hair.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

What is Plasma?

Plasma is the biggest part of blood, that carries all other components such as red blood cells, in other words, the water of our blood. Think of the seawater, it has particles, plants, and other components, all carried by the water. So the plasma for our blood is the same as the water for the sea. Are you still confused? Please watch this video to explain more about Plasma and other blood components. We use the client's plasma to avoid any allergic reaction.

PRP treatment Edmonton cost

The PRP treatment Edmonton cost varies from clinic to clinic, but you have to be aware of a couple of factors before comparing the prices! the main factor is the PRP Kit, make sure you ask about the Kit source as there as unlimited numbers of cheap sources for the kit. We at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre use the best kit from the Regen lab.


Platelet-rich Plasma for skin

The second factor in the cost is the volume of Plasma, we provide over 15 MLS of pure PRP in one session, most of the other places provide 5 MLS only. The thirds factor is the way the plasma would be injected such as traditional needles or meso gum. It has been shown that meso gun with multiple needles has better results and less pain and bruising. We use the Vital injector 3, the best meso gun in the market. Last but not least is the medical staff, Dr. Alhallak, Ph.D., has long experience with medical injections and PRP.

Taking all these factors into considerations, our PRP treatment Edmonton cost is 800, which includes 15 MLS of PRP and the application with meso gum.

How is PRP or platelet-rich plasma injected

The PRP works on the skin locally, therefore plasma was to be injected in the dermis, which is the middle layer of the skin. Deep injections of plasma will result in systemic absorption and loss of its benefits on facial rejuvenation, collagen induction therapy, acne scars treatment, and hair. It improves skin elasticity and reduces pigmentation and fine lines/

There are three ways of plasma applications

traditional needle injection

We use a tiny needle to inject the plasma in the required locations. We use this method if the treated area is small and confined. Since plasma is injected into the skin using needles, this method is longer and it might cause more bruises.

Vital injector Mesogun

The Vital multiple needle injector is an amazing tool that provides precise injection depth and volume. The injector is equipped with multiple needles tip and vacuum nozzle to reduce pain and bruising. We perform most of our vampire facial and PRP using the vial injector.

High-pressure needle-free application

Using high air pressure enhances the ability for the plasma to penetrate deeper in the skin without the need for using any needle. This technique is new and we use it only if a patient has low pain tolerance or bleeding irregularities.

What is the difference between Plasma and PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is a type of plasma that we extract to have a high concentration of platelets. Platelets are important to stop bleeding and full of essential growth factors for body rejuvenation. We obtain the PRP from our laboratory by withdrawing your blood and using the best platelet-rich plasma kit available. There are lots of factors that affect the quality of PRP harvesting such as the blood withdrawal process, PRP kit, centrifuging angle. We use the Regen lab PRP kit as it provides the best stability (all plasma is harvested in one tube) and the highest platelet concentration.

What are the benefits of PRP?

This is an easy and promising cosmetic technique to help with fine skin line, helping the skin laxity and restore the skin tone and color. The concentrated growth hormones and focus nutrients are injected into the outer layers of the skin using meso injection gun. This will give double benefits, it will deliver the PRP plasma into the skin in a robust pattern, and it gives the micro-needling benefit of the meso gun. The suction will reduce the bruising expected after the treatment.

We also inject Platelet-rich plasma (Vampire facelift) under the eye using a blunt cannula to help to lighten the dark circles. We also apply PRP as a mask to reduce the downtime of Fraxel laser and Fractional micro-needling. Other major applications for the plasma are to enhance hair growth, stop hair loss and stretch marks.

procedure Plasmolifting injection. plasma injection into the skin of the cheeks of the patient


What is PRP treatment Edmonton cost?

The cost of a session for plasma sessions for the face or scalp is $8includess include two kits of the plasma use, which is equal to 20 ml of plasma.

Is PRP the same as Vampire facial

Yes, Platelet-rich plasma known as the “Vampire Face Lift” or “Vampire Facial”, this is a non-surgical facelift and rejuvenation process. The process includes taking a blood sample and then centrifuging and mixing it with growth hormones to obtain a highly nourishing potion. [expand title="Read More Here"]The potion is used with micro-needling to create controlled micro-wounds through which the plasma can penetrate, helping to boost the skin rejuvenation process.[/expand]


Dr. Kamal performing traditional and advanced radio-frequency microneedling along with PRP application. This is an amazing treatment for skin resurfacing, wrinkle and scars.

Publicado por Albany Cosmetic & Laser Centre em Sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2018

There are different kits available for Platelet-rich plasma or Vampire facelift. We at Albany and Laser Center in Edmonton used a special kit from Regenlab. This Plasma Kit is fortified with multivitamins and minerals to give better results with skin laxity. This kit we use is from Regen lab, which is the best and most expensive kit in the market

Can I combine my PRP with different treatment?

Absolutely. We combine Vampire facial and PRP treatment with microneedling. Moreover, it reduces the downtime of all fractional treatment such as Fraxel laser and fractional micro-needling. These studies have also shown that PRP and Vampire facial increase the efficacy and the results of different treatments and minimize the risk of side effect such as PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

Why is Vampire facial or Vampire facelift terms are more famous than PRP?

Vampire Facelift in Edmonton has got very popular since Kim Kardashian embraced the name and started to advertise it heavily on Instagram. later one she came in to regret having the treatment as she was pregnant and was not allowed to use the numbing cream. As a result, the platelet-rich plasma treatment was painful.

Are the PRP results instantaneous?

It is important to understand that it takes time to see results after applying the treatment. Think of PRP as a multivitamin you take, but instead of swallowing it, you apply it on the skin. The instant results you usually see in the picture is due to edema and inflammation after the microneedling. The results are mainly noticed after 2 months and the sessions should be repeated every 6 months if you wish to keep the results.

We recommend using Platelet-rich plasma, Vampire facelift and PRP as an add one treatment for other technology such as Fraxel laser and Fractional micro-needling

I am scared of needles, can still have PRP?

Yes and No, the main step for the treatment is to have growth factors prepared from your blood, so the health professional has to perform venipuncture to withdraw blood. After this step, vampire facelift can per performed as a mask or using the needle-free injection system.

What is Vampire facelift in Edmonton is good for?

Due to the harsh weather and high UV exposure in Edmonton, our skin tends to age faster with wrinkles and pigmentation and poor skin texture. This is an excellent treatment to help skin tightening and skin rejuvenation in general without having a specific indication or risk of side effects.