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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma known as the “Vampire Face Lift” or “Vampire Facacial”, this is a non-surgical facelift and rejuvenation process. The process includes taking a blood sample and then centrifuging and mixing it with growth hormones to obtain a highly nourishing potion. The potion is used with micro-needling to create controlled micro-wounds through which the plasma can penetrate, helping to boost the skin rejuvenation process.

PRP, Platelet-rich plasma, Vampire facelift

PRP, Platelet-rich plasma, Vampire facelift

This is an easy and promising cosmetic technique to help with fine skin line, helping the skin laxity and restor the skin tone and color. The concentrated growth hormons and focus nutrient are injected into the outer layers of the skin using meso injection gun. This will give double benegit, it will deliver the PRP plasma into the skin in robut pattern, and it is give the microneedling benefit of th meso gun. The suction will reduce the bruising expected after the treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma or Vampire facelift can be injected under the eye and applied as a mask to reduce the downtime of Fraxel laser and Fractional microneedling. It can also be used to enhance hair growth, stop hair loss and stretch marks.

There are different kit available for Platelet-rich plasma or Vampire facelift. We at Albany and Laser Center in Edmonton used a special kit from Regenlab. This Plasma Kit is fortified with multivitamins and minerals to give better results with skin laxity.

We recommend using Platelet-rich plasma,Vampire facelift and PRP as an add one treatment for other technology such as Fraxal laser and Fractional microneedling

Please watch this video to know more about using mesotherapy as treatment for hair loss.

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