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Safe and Effective Mini Facelift Edmonton

Welcome to Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre’s Mini Facelift experience! Looking for a fresh and youthful lift without the fuss of surgery? We’re here to give your face a gentle lift, iron out those subtle lines, and bring back that radiant glow. Our method is simple, non-invasive, and designed with your comfort in mind.

Therefore, say goodbye to lengthy recovery times and hello to a quick and effective facelift that respects your busy schedule. Trust in our professional hands to guide you toward looking and feeling your very best. Join the many satisfied Edmonton locals who’ve chosen our non-surgical approach to rediscover their youthful charm. Let’s take this uplifting journey together.

“Modern medicine has made it possible to rejuvenate and lift the face without the need for surgery. Embrace your natural beauty with a non-surgical approach.”

Mini facelift Results: Before & After Photos!

Discover the transformative power of our mini facelift treatments at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre! Our before-and-after photos showcase genuine results, offering a glimpse of the rejuvenation journey many of our clients have embarked on. Witness firsthand the subtle yet impactful changes that define our expertise. Dive in and let these remarkable transformations inspire your own journey towards a fresher, younger-looking you!

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Jessica M.
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I recently had Botox treatment at Albany Clinic for my frown. I'm really happy with the results. Moreover, the staff was friendly and professional, making me feel at ease throughout the procedure. They use freezing cream and leave it long enough to work. So I highly recommend them!
Samah S.
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"I'm very happy with the results of the laser hair removal at Albany Centre. The procedure was quick and comfortable. I did not feel rushed and provided me with many towels to change. So, I recommend them to anyone.
Olivia A.
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"I had an excellent experience with Albany Centre for lip fillers. Moreover, the team was so welcoming, and the results were just what I wanted. My lips look natural but bigger and with a heart in the middle!"

Witness the Difference That Our Cosmetic Treatment Made

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before facelift after facelift

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Watch A Video Showing Mini Facelift Procedure

Curious about how the Mini Facelift with Threads procedure works at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre? Dive into our detailed video demonstration, where you can witness firsthand the precision and care with which we approach every treatment. This visual guide is tailored for those who prefer a clearer picture before making a decision. By watching the procedure in action, you can gain a deeper understanding and set any concerns to rest. Experience the magic of transformation as we bring back a youthful contour and firmness to the face—all without surgery! Don’t just read about it; see it for yourself and imagine the rejuvenated version of you that awaits.

Why Do We Age and Get Wrinkles?

Aging and the appearance of wrinkles are natural processes influenced by various factors. Over time, our skin reduces the production of collagen and elastin, proteins vital for maintaining the skin’s youthful firmness. Gravity, extended sun exposure, and repeated facial movements also contribute to the formation of fine lines. Additionally, lifestyle choices, like smoking, can accelerate skin aging, and genetics may also predispose some to wrinkles more than others. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we understand these causes and offer non-surgical solutions like the Mini Facelift to help combat these signs of aging.

Edmonton Weather Is Not Helping!

Living in Edmonton presents its own set of skin challenges. The city’s unique climate, characterized by long, cold winters and brief summers, can be tough on our skin. Cold weather can strip the skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness, while summer sun can lead to premature aging if proper care isn’t taken. The constant switch between harsh outdoor cold and indoor heating can reduce skin’s moisture levels, making it more prone to wrinkles. This fluctuating weather, combined with natural aging processes, makes our treatments even more essential for Edmonton residents who want to maintain a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Non-Surgical Mini Facelift Options

  1. Thread Lift: Utilizing biodegradable threads, this procedure offers an instant lift to sagging skin. As the threads dissolve over time, they stimulate collagen production, providing long-lasting firmness and vitality to the face.
  2. Dermal Fillers: By injecting hyaluronic acid or other fillers into strategic areas, we can restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and offer a lifted appearance, especially around the cheeks, jowls, and nasolabial folds.
  3. Ultherapy: Using ultrasound energy, Ultherapy targets the deeper layers of the skin, promoting collagen production and naturally tightening and lifting the skin over time.
  4. Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening: Harnessing the power of RF energy, this treatment heats the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and giving a tauter, more youthful appearance.
  5. Botox Lift: While Botox is mainly known for its wrinkle-reducing properties, strategic placements can offer a subtle lift, especially for the eyebrows and the corners of the mouth.
  6. PRP Facelift: Using platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood, this treatment rejuvenates the skin, improves its texture, and offers a subtle lift by promoting collagen and elastin production.

Each of these options has its unique benefits, and the best choice often depends on individual needs, skin type, and desired results. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton, our experts will guide you through these options, ensuring you make an informed decision tailored to your specific goals.

Benefits of non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical mini facelifts offered at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton and St. Albert provide a multitude of benefits for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation without going under the knife.

  • This minimally invasive procedure tightens and lifts sagging skin, restoring a youthful appearance.
  • It is particularly advantageous due to the minimal downtime involved, allowing clients to resume normal activities shortly after the treatment. Moreover, this approach reduces potential risks and complications associated with surgical interventions.
  • Non-surgical mini facelifts at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre utilize cutting-edge technology and are performed by expert clinicians, ensuring both safety and optimal results.
  • They provide an effective solution for combating signs of aging and enhancing one’s natural beauty without the invasive aspects of traditional surgery.

Cost of the non-surgical facelift

Our Fotona 4D Facelift is available for a full face per session at a cost range of $800-1200. For those looking for the Ulthera treatment, a session for the full face is priced at $1500. Dive into the rejuvenating experience of PRP and Microneedling, often referred to as the Vampire Facial, at $800 for the full face per session.

Alternatively, the PRP and Fillers option, known as the Vampire Facelift, is available at $1200 for a full face session. We also present specialized packages to cater to varied needs: the Silver Package combines 4 threads and one syringe of filler for $1500, the Gold Package offers 8 threads and one syringe of filler for $2600, and the Diamond Package includes 12 threads and two syringes of fillers for $3600. Make the choice that best suits your vision for youthful rejuvenation.

What is the best clinic for mini facelift in Edmonton?

Choosing Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre for your mini facelift is a decision rooted in trust, expertise, and results. Firstly, our commitment is not just to aesthetic treatments but to ensuring these treatments align with your unique beauty and health goals. We boast a team of skilled professionals trained in the latest non-surgical facelift techniques, ensuring you experience minimal downtime and maximum satisfaction.

Our innovative, non-invasive procedures have been handpicked for their effectiveness and safety, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, our tailored packages ensure that you receive a personalized treatment plan that fits your budget and desired outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before your treatment, it’s essential to avoid excessive sun exposure and refrain from using skincare products that can irritate the skin. You might also be advised to stop taking certain medications or supplements that can increase bruising or affect the results.
After the procedure, avoid direct sun exposure and rigorous physical activities for a few days. You might experience slight swelling or bruising, but these can be managed with cold compresses and over-the-counter painkillers. It’s also recommended to sleep with your head elevated to reduce swelling.
The beauty of non-surgical mini facelifts is the minimal downtime. While some minor redness, swelling, or bruising might occur, most clients return to their routine in a day or two. However, it’s essential to follow specific care instructions to ensure the best results.
Individuals showing early signs of aging, such as mild sagging or reduced skin elasticity, benefit most from this procedure. It’s suitable for those not ready for a surgical facelift but desire some lifting and tightening. Always consult with a professional to determine if you’re a candidate.
During your consultation at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, our experts will evaluate your skin type, concerns, and desired results. Based on this, they’ll recommend the most suitable treatment option tailored to your needs.
While these treatments offer long-lasting results, they aren’t permanent. The effects can last for months to years, depending on the procedure chosen and individual factors. Periodic touch-ups or maintenance treatments can prolong the results.