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Dermal Fillers

Facial aging is associated with serval changes in our skin composition and facial features.   The extracellular matrix that is mainly composed of fibrous special proteins such as collagen and fibrine diminishes and lose it recoil and elasticity. Think about an old elastic band that is has been stretched 1000 times over years.  The aging process is accelerated by external factors such as smoking and UV exposure. Dermal filler injections and cosmetic injection of Botox helps in preventing and correcting facial features that come with aging such as fine and deep wrinkles.

What is the best age to start doing dermal fillers and Botox injection

This is an important and critical question. We all have to start skin care early to avoid the need for dermal fillers and Botox as much as we can do. Starting dermal fillers and Botox injection is not age-related. It depends on the skin type, skin care, genetic factors, and personal preference. In other words, the best age to start dermal fillers and Botox injection is when you look at the mirror and you feel bothered a line or wrinkle or feel that you need to lift your cheeks or enhance your lips.

What is the different between dermal fillers and Botox injection

Botox injection

is mainly to relax a muscle that we usually voluntarily control such as the muscle responsible for frowning. However, most of us have the habit of frowning involuntarily when we are reading or focusing on something. We see clients on regular basis that get comments from their family. Botox is injected precisely in a  specific muscle, procerus and corrugator muscles in case of frowning. The Botox will make the muscle weaker and have less ability to contract so less involuntary frowning.  Botox is very effective in dynamic wrinkles, the one that we see when we make expression such as frowning and smiling. Once these wrinkles are seen all the time, then Botox alone is not able to fix it, but rather prevent it from getting worse. Therefore, it is the best to start Botox early in age to prevent the wrinkles from turning from dynamic to static. To know more about Botox, please click here

Dermal Fillers

work as scaffolds to fill the empty spaces in the face that results due to losing facial fats and protein over time. Other than lips, most of the fillers are injected to restore the younger version of the face by performing mid facial augmentation, or to correct static wrinkles and lines in combination with Botox.

What are dermal fillers?

Most fo the dermal fillers used today are made of Hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a natural polymer product that is purified and crosslinked to produce the best alternative to our natural extracellular matrix fillers that we lose over years. Dermal fillers are proven to be safe and have reversible effect as HA fillers can be instantly dissolved in case of adverse reaction or client preference.

What is the best dermal filler?

Different pharmaceutical companies have different brands, for example, Allergan has Juvederm and Galderma has Restylane. Both brands come in different thickness for different areas of the face. Thickers fillers have to be injected deeper into the skin such as Juvederm Voluma that we use for facelift and cheek augmentation. Under eye circles and bags,  have to be corrected using thin fillers such as Volbella to avoid the sausage effect and bluish light reflection.

Lips fillers and injection are discussed in detail in a special page for lip injection, please click here.

How are fillers injected?

depending on the injection area, the filler type, and the medical staff preference, fillers can be injected using a sharp needle or blunt cannula. Dr. Kamal prefer sharp needle for lip injection and cannula for cheek augmentation and eye circle and eye bags correction

Please watch this video for some amazing results achieved at our clinic

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