BBL Case # 1028

Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL Case resultsPoly-L-Lactic Acid microspheres, commonly known as Sculptra, is a collagen inducer that. Over time, Sculptra stimulates special skin protein synthesis (collagen), therefore improving the volume and skin texture over 12 weeks. Therefore, the general loss of volume is the main indication for Sculptra. it cannot be used for lip augmentation or under the […]

Brazilian Butt lift with Sculptra Case # 1085

Sculptra Butt lift Edmonton

Brazilian Butt lift with Sculptra Case # 1085 Sculptra Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic injection procedure that implants PLLA polymer in the dermal layer to induce your own collagen in the injection area. The result includes improving the appearance and curve of the buttocks without surgery or a high chance of complications. Sculptra butt lift […]

sculptra butt lift case # 1057

Brazilian Butt Lift

Sculptra Butt Lift Don’t feel like going under the knife for a butt lift? Then this non-surgical butt lift, also known as the liquid butt lift, is the treatment that everyone is talking about that is perfect for you. Adorned by celebrities, this treatment is a favorite in sculpting the perfect behind Sculptra, the FDA, and […]