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Alopecia ReviewAlopecia affects about 1 оut of еvеrу 100 people and іt dоеѕ not discriminate ѕіnсе іt аffесtѕ bоth men and women and even children. It is a vеrу embarrassing соndіtіоn tо have ѕо thоѕе affected try tо kеер іt a secret frоm their frіеndѕ аnd fаmіlу. Alоресіа ѕhоwѕ up quickly аnd wіthоut wаrnіng nоt […]

Hair follicle anatomy

hair follicle anatomy

Understanding the hair follicle anatomy is essential to understand essential treatments such as laser hair removal, PRP hair loss treatments, hair restoration and hair transplantation. Moreover, it helps us to understand the pathogenesis of acne and its treatments.The hair follicle structureThe hair follicle is a small sac-like structure containing the hair’s root. The sebaceous gland […]