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Laser Treatments

Acne Scan tratment with albany

Acne Scars Removal

Acne Scars Correction What are the acne scars? Acne scars are the marks that cystic acne leaves on the skin. The chronic and acute inflammation associated with whiteheads and cystic...

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albany laser center

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton Whether it is facial hair, upper lip, body hair, Brazilian or Bikini, we are at your service to provide permanent hair removal services. Many people are...

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pigmentation removal

hyperpigmentation treatment

Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Edmonton We are specialized in all types of hyperpigmentation treatment. “Age spots”, “sun spots”, or dark skin on the face are all different types of skin hyperpigmentation....

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iron on crinkle silk fabric

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening in Edmonton Skin tightening is a general term that includes a wide spectrum of issues such as wrinkles treatment, deep and fine, scar removal and improving skin texture...

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veins laser treatment

Vascular Lesions

Vascular Lesions treatment in Edmonton Vascular lesions- it’s an ominous-sounding name for some small, but annoying skin conditions. However, veins laser treatment provides an excellent solution. As we age, tiny blood vessels...

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Fraxel laser acne

Fraxel Laser

Fraxel Laser in Edmonton Have you been in search of an all-inclusive treatment that helps with all your skin issues such as acne, scars, pigmentation, texture, damaged skin, sun spots,...

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Carbon Peel

The beauty industry is worth an impressive $532 billion – which is no surprise since 75% of women admit to buying skincare products in the hopes of looking younger. Many women (and men) wish...

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Melasma treatment

Melasma Treatment

Have you been looking for someone to trust with melasma treatment? We are Edmonton’s #1 clinic for melasma removal. We have helped many patients restore the color of their skin....

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Tattoo laser removal treatment

Laser Tattoo Removal

We helped hundreds of Edmontonians clean their slate, and we are ready to help you. Equipped with the best laser tattoo removal machine in the whole world, the spectra Q-switch...

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