Botox for frown lines

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Botox for frown linesBotox for frown lines is the best treatment for 11 lines that are getting deeper day after day to eliminate the frown lines. You must be fed up with people telling you that you look mad all the time! And you have noticed that your 11 lines are getting deeper day after […]

Botox for smile lines


 BOTOX FOR SMILE LINESCan Botox help remove smile lines? To find out if Botox for smile lines works, Read on. You may have heard this adage… Always laugh when you can, it helps you heal.Yes, this is true, but who would have thought that laughing a lot comes at a cost? Years of talking, smiling, and […]

Difference Between Thеrmаgе аnd Ulthеrа fоr a Facelift

Difference Between Thеrmаgе аnd Ulthеrа fоr a FaceliftUlthera for a facelift in Edmonton or Thermage for a facelift in Edmonton? This post will discuss the difference between Thermage and Ulthera for a facelift. The comparison focus on the mechanism of action and the pros and cons of Thermage and Ulthera Thermage for a facelift in EdmontonTrаdіtіоnаl […]



FACE SLIMMING AND JAWLINE CONTOURING WITH FILLERS, BOTOX, THREAD LIFT, AND ULTHERAPY IN EDMONTONThese days, we all want to look like models even when we do not have the intentions to become one. We all strive to look our best as we strive daily to be the best. Face slimming and contouring is a makeup […]

Face slimming with Botox and fillers in Edmonont

Ulthera Treatment

Face slimming using Botox, fillers, threadlift and UltheraAs the years pass by, we start noticing that our face shape is getting into an inverted V. The base of our face gets wider and less defined especially around the neck and jawlines.  This will give extra years to the face and might affect the confidence of […]

Face-lift in Edmonton

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Face-lift in EdmontonAs we age, our facial and anatomical feature changes. Some people have more drastic changes than others, yet we still get this request in all age groups; I need to reshape my face and look younger. We, at Albany laser and cosmetic clinic, use different non-surgical techniques to help lift the face without […]

Facial Wrinkles in Edmonton

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Correction of Facial Wrinkles in EdmontonBest Non-Invasive wrinkle correctionsEveryone wants to age with grace, but for some people, this seems to come far more naturally than others. Some of the most common reasons for this include genetics, diet, and overall lifestyle. Some people are just downright lucky. Whatever the reason, it’s not always an exact science!This being […]

laser and facial cost in Edmonton

Laser Carbon Peel

Laser and Facial cost in EdmontonA Guide on Laser and Facial pricingAt Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, we provide the most advanced Laser and Facial treatment performed with world class practitioners and affordable prices. Here is a list of the most laser services that we provides Request an appointment Laser and Facial At Albany CentreWe […]