Nonsurgical facelift using fillers and threading

Aging is a natural but undesirable process; lots of ladies choose to age gracefully and do not pay attention to age lines crawling into their faces. Others are more concerned about their look and try hard to defy time and keep a younger skin and face. It is a way of dealing with life and the concept of getting older. The first thing that people look at when they interact is the face. People are taking way more pictures, especially selfies, than before. Photos are way more accessible than at any time back. Therefore, we noticed that the trend had shifted dramatically in the last couple of years, and more women are concerned about their looks and appearance.

What is a facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that helps tighten the face and reshape it to make it more defined and give a younger look.

What is the difference between surgical and non-surgical facelifts?

A surgical facelift, as its name indicate, is a full surgery. The patient will be under full anesthesia, and it has a long recovery time. The main advantage of the surgical facelift is the surgery complications. The results are also non-reversible. It is costly as well.

The non-surgical facelift employs Filler, threading, and Botox to provide more volume to the face,  remove the wrinkles and define the critical facial lines, and feature in a way for the client to look a younger and more friendly version of herself.

Non-surgical facelift:

The non-surgical facelift has many advantages:

1- No downtime or preparation

The whole procedure takes about 1:30 hours, no special preparation is required. The client should arrive about 15 min before her appointment to apply the freezing cream. Once the procedure is done, the client can go back to her normal life

2-More affordable

The cost of the complete treatment is 3-4K; it is a significant number, but not if compared with the price of the surgical facelift that might reach 25K


Suppose the client can reverse the results at any time for whatever reason. The fillers can be dissolved by injecting a particular enzyme, and the threads can be extracted with a minor cut.

4-High safety profile

The new fillers are considered safe in most cases. Some rare cases may happen when we have to interfere and dissolve it directly after injections. The surgical facelift has many risks as it is a full surgery under full anesthesia.

What do we use in the non-surgical facelift?


The fillers are the most important part of any surgical facelift. The injection sites are mainly on the upper cheek and around the mouth. The upper cheek injection is to handle the Malar atrophy and the nasolabial folds. The Filler around the mouth helps with the depressed oral commissure, marionette lines, and lip lines. I also tend to inject some filler into the deep place in the jawlines to help shape the face and give it a higher definition.



Botox is injected into two main muscles to helo slim the face and give it a more smiley figure; these muscles are the Masseter and the Anguli oris.


PDO threads are a fairly new technology that helps lift the face in a way that defies gravity. Fillers are great, but they tend to drop by time due to their heavy weight. The Barb thread has a special structure with miniature claws that hold on the skin from inside to lift it up.



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