Jawline contouring with threads

Prejowl sulcus case 1009

Jawline contouring

This is a procedure Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) performs on the daily basis alone, or as a part of the "minifacelift" procedure.


The treatment use threads and filler correct the prejowl sulcus and per oral area


Dr. Kamal usually insert between 2-6 threads on each side depending on the case. The choice between PDO and PCL thread depends on the patient budget. The PCL threads are more reged, but they last longer and more expensive. The threads are loaded on blunt cannula, about 21g and 10 cm long. The fillers of choice for the jawline contouring is something of higher consistancy such as Juvederm Vulox, Revanesse Shape + or Restylane Volym. Dr. Kamal might decide to inject Botox in the DAO muscle to reduce the resistance.


Jawline contouring with threads
Jawline contouring with threads

The treatment results in tighter skin and more defined jaw, with less saggy skin in the jowl area. The results last between 6-12 months

prejowl sulcus treatment
prejowl sulcus treatment


This specific case, Dr. Kamal used 3 threads in each side. Therefore, the total cost is $900


Swelling and brusiing that might last for 2 weeks.