Melasma treatment Edmonton

Melasma and hyper pigmentation

What are Melasma and hyperpigmentation?

In short, they are symptoms of extra active melanocytes at a different part of the skin at different depths. We will not go more in-depth on what induces the irregular behavior of the melanocytes and the abundant production of the melanin.

Case 1015

African American female, 51 years old, with melasma patches over her cheeks. The patches are over 20 years old and got worsen after a recent chemical peel.


Dr. Kamal Alhallak put the patient on low concentration bleaching cream for 2 weeks, before starting the Fraxel treatment. Treated the area with 8 passes of the Fraxel thulium laser 1927 nm wavelength, 20 J/cm2 and 40% coverage. The area were treated two times with Fraxel Laser


Melasma treatment Edmonton
Melasma treatment Edmonton


The full protocol cost for the cheek area cost $1500.


72 hours of redness, no direct sun exposure for 3 days.