PDO thread lift

PDO Threads Edmonton

PDO Threads Edmonton

Polydioxanone suture is Non-toxic / Non-pyrogenic / Heavy metal-free / Sterilized that is used for surgery in general. It is made with special care to avoid any adverse reaction or rejection from the body. [expand title="Read More About PDO Thread Lift"]Using fillers is an emerging field especially for the midface augmentation, the main problem of the filler of all kinds is the heavyweight. As fillers absorb water, it becomes heavy, which is not ideal for some facial areas.[/expand]

This will result in the fillers moving downwards or unnaturally push the tissue. The thread is loaded on a sharp needle or blunt cannula. The procedure is minimally invasive, as we push the needle in the subdermal level of the skin and pull the needle out, leaving the thread behind. [expand title="Read More About Threading and Facelift"]The thread will hold the skin against the direction it was inserted in and work as a scaffold for a college production. Because the thread has no weight and has strong resistance, it will restore the young V-shape face. As we age and due to the loss of the interstitial protein matrix, mainly the collagen, and due to the gravity effect, we tend to have an inverted V look. The concept of the thread is to defy the gravity effect and help to regain the youthful V-shape face. So it is important to understand that PDO threading will not only fill the area but will help reshape the whole face. [/expand]

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