Acne Scars treatment with Fractora Microneedling

Acne scars are memories from old memories of unfavorable friends at teenage times. The chronic and acute inflammation associated with whiteheads and cystic acne is what causes acne scars. During the healing process and because of the abundance of inflammation mediators and cytokines, the skin goes through a fast tissue-building phase. In another world, your body does not pay attention to the details, yet try to recover and close the skin as soon as possible. Therefore, it will leave scar tissue behind and uneven skin surface. This is an acne scar case study

Treatment Protocol

The patient was prepared with Lidocaine cream, then lidocaine injections, we performed subcision using Nokor 18g needle, following by 22g blunt cannula. After that, the full face was treated with Fractira RF microneedling using the 24 insulated pins. The RF energy was set on 50 levels. We did two passes, and the area were cleaned with disinfectant then with skin rejuvenation meso solution. The patient was discharged with a Rx for cephalexin 500 and topical corticosteroid.

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