Lip Fillers in Edmonton

Lip fillers In Edmonton

The lips are the most visible facial feature. Along with the eyes, they reflect the first impression of mood and attitude. Some of us are born with the gift of full natural lips; some were not.



Therefore, Lip fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane are very popular. Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center is #1 fillers Clinic in Edmonton with the highest satisfaction rates. We provide the best long-lasting results after lip filler injections.


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Lip fillers process summary

To answer all your questions about the lip fillers process, we designed this simple cosmetology infographic card to explain the process step by step starting with the free consultation, through local anesthesia and downtime.


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You are not Alone

Back in the days, lip fillers were only popular between movie stars and public figures, but not anymore. New statistics showed that in the last five years, lip fillers procedure showed over 500% increase to be the third in the cosmetic field after Botox and Laser Hair Removal. 



Lip Filler artist

A lip injections artist must have a deep understanding of the facial features in general, and the interaction of various mediums such as eyes, nose, and lips to achieve best oral-facial augmentation using dermal filler.


Watch This Video With Dr. Kamal Performing Lip Fillers

Dr. Kamal is our medical director, he is a Pharmacist doctorate in Pharmacy, and Pharmaceutical sciences specialized in advanced skin delivery. He has the Best client satisfaction rate and reviews, especially after Juvederm lip fillers and under eye fillers.


Lips Before And After Of One Syringe Of Juvederm Injection


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Our Free Consultation

Our philosophy at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center is to restore the Young Version of You (YVY). Therefore, we avoid to over done lip fillers, unless is the client wish. During our free consultation, Dr. Kamal takes the measurements of your face, ask questions about your lifestyle and carrier, in order to advise you about the most natural lips size and shape.



The planes of lips, what makes our lips look as they are?

The lips have upper and lower parts. The upper part has three planes form the upper lip, and the lower one has two planes. Understanding these planes gives the Lip fillers injector insight into important factors such as the location of injection, direction lip fillers placement, and the number of fillers for lip injections (Juvederm, Restylane) in each place. The two upper lateral planes are cone-shaped, with the apex at the corners of the mouth and the base bordering the middle plane.

Lips sigments



More about the lips planes

The middle plane of the upper lip is semicircular and tapers toward the opening of the mouth. The lower lip has only two planes that come in shape of a teardrop that tapers toward the corner of the mouth. The experience injector target sites for lip fillers and lip injections in the right lip planes.



How much are lip injections?

The price of one syringe of Juvederm or Restylane in Edmonton is about $600. At Albany cosmetic and laser center we offer incentives, bundles, and coupons to bring the price down to make the lip injection cost more affordable. We partnered with Health Smart to provide easy, interest-free, monthly payments


Different lip styles in Edmonton

Lips are as diverse as the human face. While no two sets of lips are exactly the same,  all lips have these five structural planes in common.

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It is the different combinations of these planes that lead to the unique appearance of each individual’s lips. The entire make of the face changes with age, genetics, and environment.

Why Lips are Important?

The face and, in particular, the lips, are either a static or kinetic state. As cosmetic augmenters, understanding the difference between these two states is essential in planning treatment for our patients. During an examination, we must examine our patients in both a kinetic and static position.

kinetic Position for Lip Fillers

We accomplish that by asking the patient to smile and frown. A simple trick to assist you in establishing the relatively static position of a patient’s lips is to ask him or her to utter the letter “M.” The position of the lips after this consonant is spoken is considered the static position. In lips and facial fillers, it is important to focus your attention on the nasolabial as the patient smiles. If these areas are augmented, it is imperative to consider how augmentation will affect the kinetic fold of the tissue.

Static Position for lip fillers

Augmenting the lips in a static position, without viewing the smile line and incisal appearance can lead to overfilling of the lips and produce an unpleasant appearance. There is a consensus within the scientific community on broad features of a woman’s face that are attractive to men. There are baby features that are implanted in our psyche. Having a large forehead, large, wide-set eyes, a small nose, and thick lips are all neonatal qualities. These characteristics stimulate the nurturing side in us.

Facial Qualities

These are facial qualities that infants possess, and it is hypothesized that as humans, we react receptively to them. Men respond to a combination of these neonatal expressions, as well as mature, expressive features that include higher, wider cheekbones. Expressive facial features add to the perceived attractiveness, which would include a wider smile, higher eyebrows, and larger pupils. The expression of these ideas on the female face promotes a sense of availability to mate.


Different use of lip fillers

Patients often come in for consultations because of the loss of volume in their lips.

The loss of lip volume contributes to the development of fine wrinkles and deepening of lines around the lips (smoker lines). Another young client my present unsatisfied with lips shape or fullness and this is often having a reflection on their self-esteem. We provide Lip fillers in Edmonton for restoring the lips fullness and reshaping them. The youthful face is all about volume. Lip fillers Edmonton and facial fillers with injectables strive to recreate this look by refilling areas of lost volume.

Different segments of the lips

Lips can be divided into six segments, which correspond to the planes that constitute the lips. The upper lip is segmented into three parts which correspond to

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the planes that make up the upper lip. The three parts are divided between the cone and tapered semi-bucket shape of the philtrum.  The lower lips are also segmented into three parts that correspond to the planes that make up the lip. The lower lip is composed of a teardrop shape that has a ball and a tail. The segments are divided at the ball-and-tail junction. Some client comes only to inject filler in the vermillion border and cupid bow to have better-defined lips.

lips injection

Injectable fillers and lip fillers Edmonton:

There is a wide array of fillers now available for cosmetic lip and facial fillers

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. In selecting the proper filler, the injector must select which filler to use in the same manner an artist chooses his or her material of expression on a canvas. It is important to note that there are no good or bad materials, just different fillers that are intended for various applications and effects around the face. The nasolabial fold, for example, has remarkable features. The fold is deep and the malar fat and associated anatomy are lateral to the fold. This contrasts the medial aspect of the fold significantly, where this area has less bulk and is more tightly laid around the orbicularis oris and levitator muscles.

Choice of Fillers

The filler of choice must be resilient enough to be placed in an area that experiences persistent kinetic movement. The lips, in contrast, are in constant motion. It is paramount that the injected filler be placed in the natural planes that constitute the lips. Proper plane placement will stabilize and ensure the duration of the implanted filler and sculpted shape. Placing different types of fillers in the lips will result in different cosmetic results. A prime example is a hyaluronic acid (HA). HA placed in the lips will keep its injected shape, dependent on the plane placement and flow of the material. The properties of HA will tend to displace tissue around the injected site. This effect can be exploited. Our fillers of Choice for lips fillers are Juvederm Volift from Allergan and Restylane Kysse from Galderma.

Different Injection techniques

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There are three potential places fillers can go when we are injecting filling material into the lips for augmentation.  Showed in the picture below, it is important to give the injector your trust to choose the best filler and best technique during the lip filler session. Therefore it is important to communicate with your injector and make sure that you have mutual goals before injection starts. Choosing your lip filer injection carefully is about 90% of the preparation that you need to do. Take your time and read reviews and ask around to get an educated decision. 

Different types of Juvederm

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There are various products and types of the Juvederm. Each of these products has a specific function, formed to treat specific problems areas. Also, the product features different concentrations and bonding of Hyaluronic acid. The products include:

  • Voluma XC targets the cheeks
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is universal and can be used almost in all facial area.
  • Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC target the lips 

Is lip fillers painful?

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Some people prefer to have a dental block before lip fillers injection, but this is an absolute method. We usually apply a special freezing cream for about 10 min before the injection, it is usually as effective as a dental block. HA fillers considered very safe and it is rarely having any serious adverse event. Expect to have some bruising after any filler session, it is usually mild and resolves after three days. We can dissolve HA fillers (Juvederm and Restylane) immediately in case of any problem or adverse effect. After discussing all potential adverse effect and before and after care protocol, we will ask you to sign a consent form.

How does the injection go?

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Lip injections and lip fillers have no downtime. First, we apply a mixture of prilocaine or lidocaine numbing cream. Also,we might suggest dental blocking. It is important not to (distort the shape and structure of the lips. Using lidocaine with premixed HA as an add-on will help ease the pain of the filler in jection. After marking the targeted areas carefully, Dr. Kamal uses fine needle or blunt cannula to infuse the substance into the lips.

what is next?

Next, ice is given to reduce swelling and ease discomfort. However, do not add pressure on the treated area immediately after the treatment. Also, avoid putting lip gloss or Lipstick after the treatment to avoid complications. Immediately after the procedure, you will notice a difference. Also, as soon as the lips heal, it will feel and appear natural.


Cost of the fillers:

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The regular cost of 1 cc syringe of fillers is $600. Albany Cosmetic and Laser center in Edmonton has a special pricing and points system to help our clients get the best prices.

What to expect after Juvederm treatment?

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The downtime varies between patients who receive lip filler injection. in General, swelling and bruising are worst after 24 hours and we ask our client avoid wearing makeup, vigorous activity, taking alcohol and sun exposure.

Some notice visible changes after the procedure. Also, some see improvements after the redness reduces. Furthermore, results last between 5 months and 2 years. But, it depends on the Juvederm product.


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Why Choosing Juvederm for lips?

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Juvederm Volbella XC is ideal for people who want to add volume to thin lips. Also, it is perfect for enhancing flattened lips without surgery.

Most patients prefer JUVEDERM lip fillers because it helps the lips to feel and look natural after the procedure. Assuredly, the results are immediate and last for months. 

What are the uses lips Fillers?

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JUVÉDERM lips fillers can improve the look of your lips by

  • Enhancing the shape
  • Improving the Structure
  • Adding Volume

In addition, the effects last for months. As a result, you may need more filler injections to maintain your lip's volume. 

What are the side effects and risks?

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You will experience some bruises and swelling. Other general side effects include:

  • Redness
  • Lumps
  • Tenderness
  • Minor pain
  • Bumps
  • Itching

But, all these side effects lessen within 2 to 4 weeks. If the side effects are severe, are due to inexpert handling. in other words, It includes injecting the filler injection into a blood vessel by accident.

Are there any complications?

?‍ ?

Complications may include the following: vision abnormalities, stroke, permanent scarring, or blindness. Hence, it is vital to select your physician wisely. Make certain to choose the right injector with enough experience and training in lip augmentation.


What is the cost of lip fillers?

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The average cost of filler injections like Juvederm cost about $600 per syringe. we offer special bundles and discounts for our clients

Indeed, the cost of the procedure varies and depends on the doctor's geographic location, the number of syringes, and experience.

Is the treatment right for me?

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Before you go for lip augmentation, you must stop smoking. In addition, you aren't an ideal candidate for a filler injection if you have:

  • Diabetes
  • Blood-clotting problems
  • Oral herpes
  • Lupus

Cannot afford your treatment and looking for a payment plan?

Albany Cosmetic and Laser center partner will Health Smart Financial Service for three and six-month payment plan for zero% finance rate!!!

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Jowel fillers

Jowel filler with Juvederm volift

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Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds with blunt cannula and Juvederm volift

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Glabella folds filled with Volift juvederm intradermal injection

Glabella folds filled with Volift Juvederm intradermal injection

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