The lips are an important part of every woman’s facial beauty. They can be full or thin or just average. In any case, the lips can help add beauty to an imperfect face – talk about a beautiful smile, huh. It emanates from the lips! What’s more, the volume of your lip plays a part in creating that perfect look. Hence, lip augmentation is the procedures commonly performed to enhance the overall beauty of a face.

We can say thanks to Kylie Jenner that lip enhancements have become the rage of the moment. After all, who doesn’t want fuller and natural looking lips!

Lip Flip in Edmonton

There is a new lip augmentation beauty trend called the “Lip Flip”, and it uses Botox to achieve a pout – yes, that volume you get when you push your lips forward to take a selfie.

It was recently discovered that the wrinkle cure, Botox injections do wonder in contouring or reshaping the lips. In effect, this helps us achieve those perfect full lips we all want. It can be used either by itself or in combination with other fillers, according to each person’s specific needs.

According to Allure, the “Botox Lip Flip” involves administering Botox into the muscles around the mouth. This makes the area look more pronounced.

The Botox lip flip

Surgery? You don’t want to go through with it? That means you are like me. The Botox lip flip is a non-surgical procedure that is designed to add fullness to the upper and lower lip. In reality, it’s just an illusion as it doesn’t help your pout.


Lip filp

You know what it does – It simply relaxes the superficial layers of mouth muscles (these muscles are called Orbicularis Oris). It also flips the upper lip, giving the illusion of fuller lips.

And the pain of Botox injections? It’ only minimal, and has been described as a small stinging sensation due to the injection.

Regular lip fillers are different from Botox injections

Lip filler is made of hyaluronic acid that adds volume to the lips – whereas Botox is a toxin that when injected, relaxes muscles.

Botox adds no volume and doesn’t fill out the area where injected.

Everyone likes the easy way out right, but the Botox Lip Flip procedure itself is quite complicated. The Botox only needs to be injected into the target layers of the muscle in the right dosage.

What would this then mean for people in Edmonton?

The thing is, if the procedure is not done in the right way, issues arise. It may mean that there would be no eating and drinking for you for some time. If the doctor doesn’t get the dosage right, the pouty effect won't be there for too long.

If your injector uses a high dosage, there would be issues too. This is the reason why professionals should only administer Botox.

When done right, the treatment, Botox Lip Flip, only requires around ten units of Botox (sometimes less), and the effect could last up to four months. Also, the cost varies from clinic to clinic. This means what you’d get into clinic A is different from clinic B.

Now that you know what to expect, would you want to give the Botox Lip Flip a try?

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