Women Health

Women Health

R.N. Dima Omran

Dima Omran


Dima graduated with a B.Sc. in Pharmacy from Damascus university, and she finished her postgraduate study with an M.Sc. at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science at U of A. She worked in research at U fo A, faculty of pharmacy, and Faculty of Nursing for two years; this was when she discovered her passion for nursing. Dima decided to change their carrier and become a nurse; she graduated from the after degree program and joined our center. Dima received special training in all vaginal treatment and injections and helped hundreds of patients with vaginal and urinary issues. Currently, she works closely with Dr. Abdulhafez to provide all women health treatments.




Disclaimer: Alberta health service does not cover any of the treatments provided at Albany Cosmetic and Laser center, including Vaginal treatment and injections. These treatments are considered cosmetic and should be paid for fully by the patient or the client. The initial consultation at Albany Cosmetic and Laser center is free of charge. We accept all payment types and provide financing applications over six months if required.

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