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Laser eyebrow lift

The Albany Laser eyebrow lift is:
a new service in the Albany Cosmetic and Laser center

The Albany Laser eyebrow lift is a new way to lift eyebrows and rejuvenate the upper eyelids without surgery. Three steps are used in this unique protocol to improve the peri-ocular area and brows look. The eyebrow tail is raised, and the upper eyelids are tightened. The Laser eyebrow lift has the right mix of immediate tissue tightening (superficial contraction), new collagen formation (long-term rejuvenation), and the use of fluences that are safe for the patient and don’t cause any unwanted side effects. This method is easy to do and doesn’t hurt so that patients can go back to their normal lives right away.

There are two ways that Laser eyebrow Lift works

The Laser eyebrow lift is a three-step procedure that increases the total treatment area to get the best results by raising the forehead eyebrows, tightening the eyelids, and tightening the scalp simultaneously.

The Laser eyebrow lift is good for facial treatments because it doesn’t remove subcutaneous fat, which is important for facial structure. A hyperstacking protocol makes collagen grow deeper and tighten the skin more, while low fluences and a hyper stacking method make the treatment more comfortable for the patient by gradually increasing the heat.

Fotona SMOOTH®

The Laser eyebrow lift is based on the Fotona SMOOTH® mode pulse technology, proven to be a powerful and effective way to heat and stimulate the renewal of superficial and deeper collagen using a pulse modality. This pulse modality is patented. In the new Fotona SMOOTH® mode, the skin is treated in a smooth, almost “feather-like” non-ablative way, without bleeding, and at a precise temperature. As a result, there is no buildup of heat on the surface, and the tissue is evenly heated within a few hundred micrometers of the surface. This unique pulse sequence of optical energy is what makes this possible.

Treat, wait and Assess

Because the laser eyebrow lift is a complete treatment, it gives very impressive and natural-looking results.
Because this is a treatment that focuses on the upper third of the face, it can also be used with treatments for the middle and lower parts of the face, like Fotona4D®, to get even better results.

There is an elevation of brow on the forehead.
Tightening: The eyelid
The results look natural.
Laser Eyebrow Lifting that doesn’t hurt:
One that doesn’t hurt.
There is no down time.

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