Fraxel Laser in Edmonton for skin tightening

Fraxel in Edmonton

The most advanced skin treatment, Fraxel in Edmonton treatment from Albany Laser and Cosmetic in Edmonton, is a marvel of modern science. Using two wavelengths on the skin, you get two different effects are differing levels of the skin. This helps us eliminate wrinkles, acne and acne scars, and much more.

The first one operates on the upper layers of the skin at 1550 nm (nanometers). This helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, as well as reducing the appearance of acne and surgical scars.

The second one at 1927 nm reaches a little deeper and promotes collagen production. It helps to deliver younger-looking skin, works on pigmentation issues, and can even help with pre-cancerous lesions.

What does a Fraxel in Edmonton treat?

The Fraxel is primarily used to promote younger, healthy skin. It helps to restart growth and rejuvenation while also eliminating scars and lesions on the skin. 

It’s very effective. The low melanin absorption also makes it the perfect treatment for all skin types, including African-American.

What are the side effects?

“The Fraxel in Edmonton is aggressive, but it’s also gentle,” said Dr. Kamal Alhallak, Doctorate in Pharmacy, founder of Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center in Edmonton. “The most frequent side effects are some redness, a bit of swelling, and slightly sensitive skin. 

“All of this is caused by the healing of the skin. The fractional ray strip away the parts we don’t want, like pigmentation in the wrong places or acne scars. Then it reheals to look great and healthy.”

One unusual side effect is that over the first couple of days, some patients develop acne or cold sores. This is caused by activation of the viruses and bacteria in the skin. It’s essentially the last death throes of bugs that had lain dormant in your skin.

fraxel progression
fraxel progression

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Is Fraxel painful?

In truth, a bit. The photo energy is intense and there is a stinging sensation. It doesn’t last long at all, usually seconds.

Your face might feel a bit sting-y and a bit hot for a little while. Ice packs will help to reduce swelling and pain. At night, you should sleep on elevated pillows and Dr. Kamal might prescribe something for swelling.

Within about two days there’s no more pain or stinging. After that, it can take a couple of weeks to see all of the effects.

What will it look like?

Fine lines and wrinkles will disappear. Your skin will be smoother and younger-looking. Pigmentation, like freckles or rosacea, will also begin to disappear. Depending on the severity of any issues you might have, you might need further treatments, but Dr. Kamal can tell you what when you visit the Edmonton office.

Treatment for Stretch Marks

One area where Fraxel technology is powerful is on stretch marks. Just a few passes of the Fraxel over stretches on most parts of the body will help to decrease the visual impact of the stretch marks. 

“My clients are always amazed at how powerful this technology can be on stretch marks on hips or their stomach,” Dr. Kamal said.

Combined with other treatments

Fraxel technology works very well with other treatments, including PDO threads, Ulthera, and Thermage. When combined with other treatments, Fraxel  can significantly improve the appearance of skin and pigmentation.

fraxel in Edmonton
fraxel in Edmonton

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How does Fraxel work?

The Fraxel DUAL has two different light wavelengths to work at two different layers of the skin. The Fraxel fractional laser uses 1550 nm (nano-meters) and 1927 nm alternating in nanosecond bursts.

There two wavelengths work together to remodel the collagen in the skin and helps to eliminate aging and sun-damage. Since it only works on a tiny fraction of the skin at a time and doesn’t affect the skin around it, there is very little pain and provides for a shorter recovery time. 

“This is one of the most powerful tools we have to help make your skin look younger and healthier,” said Dr. Kamal Alhallak, Doctorate in Pharmacy, founder of Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center in Edmonton. “While it’s incredibly powerful, it doesn’t hurt a great deal and your skin heals very quickly. The best part is that this is a long-term solution to skin problems.”

More Things that Fraxel can Heal

Fraxel lis great on even more skin issues. 

  • Smoother skin - Fraxel can help to reduce scars and other skin inconsistencies. It can help to eliminate small bumps, scars, and more.
  • Smaller pores - Large pores can make your skin look older and a bit unsightly. The Fraxel helps to clean out your pores and shrink them.
  • Brown spots - The Fraxel  goes deep into the skin and helps to stop the production of melanin. This helps to get rid of age spots.
  • Surgical scars - Surgery can leave small scars, sometimes in places we would prefer not to have them. The Fraxel can reduce the appearance of scars, both large and small.

Side effects of Fraxel

There are some side effects of Fraxel procedures.

  • Redness, swelling, and itching - Your skin might be slightly swollen, red, and get itchy as it heals. This type of healing is normal.
  • Acne - Shortly after your procedure, you might experience an outbreak of acne. This can be caused by the acceleration of the growth of bacteria.
  • Infection - As with any significant procedure, there is the possibility of infection. It’s important to keep your skin clean and watch for any type of infection closely.
  • Changes in skin color - Your skin’s melanin cells might respond to the Fraxel by changing the color of your skin unpredictably.

“Side effects are extremely rare,” said Dr. Kamal. “ but, of course, we help you avoid any significant side effects. We’ll often give you anti-inflammatories and we show you how to care for the treated area. With proper care, there will be no problems! But you will have great results!”

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