ARM SLIMMING USING COOLSCULPTINGARM SLIMMING WITH COOLSCULPTING is a popular activity in Edmonton. Removing fat from the upper arm is notoriously difficult, especially if you rely solely on exercise and diet. Although eating healthy foods and weightlifting can help, the aging process and genetics can make it difficult to lose arm fat. Because most of […]

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Best CoolSculpting in EdmontonWhat is CoolSculpting?CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved body contouring device that works on the principle of cryolipolysis or fat freezing. The word “cryolipolysis” has two syllabi: “cryo” means freezing, and “lipolysis” means fat dissolving. Body tissues, as you may know, are made up of different types of cells; in other words, similar cells […]

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Nonsurgical fat removal is another name for Body Contouring. Nonsurgical fat reduction techniques are available. These procedures are used to contour and shape various body parts by removing or reducing resistant deposits of fat. The following four theories can explain why nonsurgical fat removal is so popular.Cryolipolysis, also known as CoolSculpting, is a fat cell […]

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A Quick Review Guide on Body Contouring and Types of Machines Used for ItDifferences between Cool sculpting and sculpsureMany of you would have probably listened to the term body contouring. It is evident from the name that this treatment method reduces body fat on a permanent scale basis. Right through this blog post, you would […]


BODY SHAPING BY COOLSCULPTINGCOMPARISON BETWEEN COOLSCULPTING, SCULPSURE, AND VELASHAPE FOR BODY SHAPINGBody shaping is a process of changing and reducing unwanted fats and saggy skin to achieve the desired body shape. When it comes to body shaping, there are lots of options to consider to help exercise and nutrition/diet and healthy lifestyle. Some areas such […]


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BODY SHAPING AND MUFFIN TOPS CORRECTIONYour belly has both subcutaneous and visceral fat. Visceral fat offers an extended waistband – which is a risk if your waist measures more than 40 and 35 inches for men and women, respectively. All the available exercises may not reduce your muffin top or waist circumference. Only a complete exercise […]

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Body Shaping in EdmontonA Guide on Body Shaping pricingBody Shaping procedure are applied to the Body to restore volume, smooth lines and soften cellulites or improve body features. This popular Body Shaping therapy, which can be a cost-effective solution to look younger without surgery or downtime, is chosen by over 1 million men and women […]


BODY SHAPING AND FAT REMOVAL WITH SCULPSURE IN EDMONTONHow it works and what results to expectThe distribution of fat in the human body is determined primarily by heredity and diet. There are cases where fat distribution in humans results in a thin waist and thin arms but disproportionately large fat deposits in the buttocks, the […]

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Coolsculpting, the procedure, and the results in EdmontonResults of Coolsculpting in Edmonton: Coolsculpting is a medical procedure performed in Edmonton. The procedure aids in the removal of excess fat cells located beneath the skin. Cool sculpting is a procedure that reduces fat cells in a specific area by approximately 20% to 25%. Cryolipolysis is another term […]