Under-eye fillers

We used under-eye fillers to fill the space under the eye. It is referred to as a “tear trough.” The loss of fats around the eyes (periorbital area) may result in different cosmetic concerns—for example, dark circles, under-eye bags, or shadowing under your eye. However, undereye fillers injection has limitations. But it may get costly for larger undereye bags. Under-eye large festoons are usually corrected with blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure we do not offer.

Under-eye fillers Case 1047

The patient is in her mid 50. And she is concerned about the shadow under her eyes. After taking the medical history and discussing the previous treatment, we decided to perform the under-eye filler procedure for her. We didn’t use a numbing agent.

Type of fillers

Our filler for under eyes is the Juvederm Volbella, the thinnest filler in the market, with the least water absorption.

Cannula V.S. sharp needles

There are two different techniques for under-eye fillers. Some still prefer to use hypoderm sharp needles to place the fillers in the tear trough area. However, most cosmetic injectors (Nurses, Pharmacists, and M.D.s) opt to use a blunt cannula. Moreover, Some studies have shown less swelling and bruising with the cannula.

Results of Under-eye fillers

We took the before and after pictures two weeks apart. And there is a significant improvement in the appearance of the tear trough area. Most importantly, the colour is not as dark as before. The patient reported no bruising with transit swelling for 48 hours.

under-eye fillers treatment

under eye bags correction

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