under eye circles in Edmonton

Under eyes Circles

Nothing makes you feel (and look older) than Under eyes Circles and fine lines. Those dark circles are not something you can rarely control. Genetics plays a large part in whether or not you have them. Of course, other factors like lack of sleep, smoking, and proper diet can affect, but it’s (mostly) not your fault.

Similarly, fine lines are mostly genetic. While they can be exacerbated by the tugging and pulling of putting on makeup or a lack of moisturizer, those lines are (mostly) your parents’ fault.



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How to get rid of Under eyes Circles and lines fast!

“We Love making those Under eyes Circles and fine lines can disappear almost instantly with dermal fillers in the tear trough area,” said Dr. Kamal Alhallak, director at Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center in Edmonton, known as Dr. Kamal to his patients. “In essence, just like adding to lips, we can put fillers, like Juvederm, into the under-eye spaces and take 20 or more years off of your face.”

The process is simple. Using a local anesthetic, Dr. Kamal gently injects the filler into the under eyes (tear trough) using a blunt cannula. Many of these fillers can last 6 to 9 months, keeping that young look for a long period.



(A) Injection around the orbital rim by linear threading, using the droplet technique. (B) Entry point for an injection to treat a groove when using a cannula. (C) Entry point for an injection to treat hollowness when using a cannula. IOF, infraorbital

Does it hurt to get rid of the lines and circles under my eyes?

 No. The only part that can even hurt a little if the needle stick. As a Doctor of Pharmaceutical sciences and drug targeting, Dr. Kamal knows exactly what local anesthetic to use and how to make sure that you experience little or no discomfort. There is very little recovery time with tear trough fillers. The only thing that’s left behind is young eyes and an invisible injections site.




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Why do I get lines and dark circles?

As age, our faces lose some of its volume. Under the eyes, cheeks, and other parts of the face begin to sag and get hollow. The skin under your eyes is among the softest and most fragile on your body. The dark circles are caused by this extremely thin skin showing blood vessels and darker tissues underneath. The fine lines are caused as the volume is lost and excess stretched skin wrinkles to make up for the loss of inflation under your dermis.

 Using the hyaluronic acid in tear trough fillers, Dr. Kamal Alhallak helps to increase the volume in this sensitive area. Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of your skin. As you age, your body produces less of this important, rejuvenating substance.


Are tear trough fillers safe for under eyes circles?

 “Yes,” said Dr. Kamal in his Edmonton office. “Made from a substance that your body creates and knows exactly what to do with it. That means that these natural substances are, in fact, good for the body. The effects can last for months since the body recognizes hyaluronic acid.”


foramen. This figure is cited from Definitions of groove and hollowness of the infraorbital region and clinical treatment using soft-tissue filler by Ji-Hyun Lee, Giwoong Hong for educational purposes only

Dr. Kamal, in his offices at Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center in Edmonton, has been giving these injections for years. Beyond being simply well-trained, including a Ph.D., Dr. Kamal has been additionally trained to use each product and has done it hundreds of times.


Does topical hyaluronic acid work?

Yes and no. The effects of hyaluronic acid on the skin are minimal, but there are positive effects. It can’t hurt, but the effects are more temporary.

If you’re looking to get rid of your fine under-eye lines and dark circles, getting under eye fillers from Dr. Kamal and then using a hyaluronic lotion boost can be a great help for maintaining it even longer.


How many syringes and what is the cost?

Because these fillers are charged by the syringe, many people want to know how many syringes they will need. In truth, it varies for everyone. Most people only need one syringe, but it might require a second or even a third syringe to have the effect that you want. The cost of one syringe is between 500-700 depending on the brand.

Contacting Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center in Edmonton at 587-520-2835 and make an initial appointment. Dr. Kamal will be able to tell you how many syringes you need to have the best results.


Does this work for under-eye bags?

 Yes. Under-eye bags are caused by loose skin that needs to be filled to return it to the look it had when you were younger. The filler fills in those bags and reduces the appearance of under-eye bags quickly and for months.

“The difference is almost miraculous,” Dr. Kamal said. “I’ve had people come in with under-eye bags that made them look 20 years older than they were. In just minutes, their bags disappear and their faces look much younger.”


What about creams for under eyes bags?

 Applying a cream or gel to your skin has limited effect. Firstly, the over-the-counter products you can get are very limited in strength. While they might have some effect, they aren’t nearly as effective as the available prescription items.

 Also, your skin is designed to be impervious to chemicals, water, and more. While moisturizers and skin tightening creams might enter a little, they aren’t going to be able to have the same effect as something that Dr. Kamal can do with fillers that will quickly restore your youthful appearance.


How do I know what’s right for me?

 Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kamal and the team at Albany Laser and Cosmetic Center in Edmonton. They can look at your skin and find the perfect treatments for your needs.

 “Together, we can plan a course of action that is simple, doesn’t require long recovery times, and will make you look and feel you're very best,” Dr. Kamal said.