Correction of under-eye bags with tear trough filler

The eyes are the face’s windows. And bags under the eyes, dark circles, and a hollowed-out appearance beneath the eyes can make you appear tired and older than your age, particularly on the face. Fortunately, tear-trough fillers can fix all these problems.

While your eyes may appear tired even when relaxed, tear-trough filler therapy may help you appear more rejuvenated. Patients of all ages seek this procedure because nobody enjoys having unattractive under-eye bags.

What Is the Purpose of Tear Trough Filler?

The eyes are the face’s most noticeable feature. Many men and women discover that they feel uneasy if their eyes are not attractive. Bags under the eyes, dark circles, and a hollowed-out appearance beneath the eyes can all contribute to a tired appearance and premature aging of the face.

Tear trough filler may be beneficial in treating the problem area beneath the eyes. Restylane, a filler, is injected into the thin under-eye skin during tear-trough filler treatment. Dr. Doppelt and his staff exercise extreme caution when injecting filler into this delicate area, as using too much product can have negative consequences. Typically, treatment begins with a half-syringe of filler. After two weeks, the filler is re-injected for optimal results. It is critical to understand that tear trough filler treatment is not a one-and-done procedure, and you should plan on undergoing multiple sessions to achieve the best results.

What Is the Purpose of Tear Trough Filler?

Most people experience a loss of volume in the under-eye area as they age. We may notice wrinkles, under-eye hollows, dark circles, and thinning skin in this delicate face region known as the tear trough as early as our twenties. This aspect of the natural aging process is distressing for many people. Tear trough filler treatment is one viable option.

In many cases, tear trough filler is an excellent way to repair wrinkles, the hollowed-out appearance beneath the eyes, and dark circles. If you don’t like the appearance of the skin beneath your eyes, you may consider tear trough filler therapy.

In rare instances, you may elect to forego tear trough repair. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should abstain from treatment. Additionally, you should avoid treatment if you are allergic to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine. Additionally, it is critical to abstain from drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages before treatment, as having alcohol in your system increases your risk of bruising.

What is dermal filler exactly?

We inject tear trough fillers into the tear trough in the office using injectable HA dermal fillers. Natural hyaluronic acid is used as a filler, a safe substance that you probably already use in your skincare routine. It is a clear liquid gel injected into the skin to improve the appearance of tear troughs, nasolabial folds, and other mild to severe wrinkles. Lips can also be enhanced with HA fillers (such as Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Silk).

When Should I Anticipate Seeing Results?

The tear trough filler injection should take approximately 15 minutes and take effect immediately. Mild swelling is possible in some patients following tear through filler treatment. Dr. Kamal (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) advises patients to wait approximately one week after treatment to see the full benefits.

If you have dark circles under your eyes due to a pigment problem, you must adhere to a specific skincare routine. Dr. Doppelt and his colleagues can assist you in selecting the best products for treating under-eye circles and enhancing your appearance and self-esteem.

How Long Will the Treatment for Tear Trough Filler Last?

The effects of a tear trough filler treatment are temporary. Though individual results vary, most patients report being satisfied with their results for six to eighteen months. The following factors may influence the duration of your tear through filler therapy: Age and way of life, the tension of the skin, and muscle contractions.

Is Tear Trough Correction a Painful Procedure? Will Bruises Persist Following Treatment?

Though needles near the eye may make you cringe, tear trough filler treatment is relatively painless. Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center uses Emla cream to numb the area before injecting the tear trough. To give the topical numbing solution time to work, we apply it 15 to 20 minutes before the injection. As a result, patients experience no discomfort.

Following the repair of a tear, there are several general symptoms that we will discuss during the consultation. The most obvious symptom may be small swelling at the injection site. Some patients may initially notice bruises or lumps, but they will resolve within a few days. Natural outcomes will become apparent approximately one week after treatment.

Is Tear Trough Filler Treatment a good fit for you?

To determine if tear trough filler treatment is right for you, contact Dr. Doppelt or a member of his team to schedule an appointment. Individual outcomes vary, and the only way to determine whether you can expect the outcomes you desire from tear trough repair is to schedule a one-on-one medical consultation.






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