under eye fillers

Under-eye fillers

Under eye fillers is it one of the most common procedure that Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics) perform regularly. Another popular name of this procedure is tear trough fillers.

Tear trough fillers Case 1018

A female patient in her thirties presented with a typical case of fat loss under the eye. The patient concerns are mainly the color and the bulge at the orbital level.

Treatment protocol

Dr. Alhallak suggested the Q-switch nanosecond laser under the eye to help with the discoloration. The certified laser technicians used two passes using the Spectra Lutronic toning 1064 nm laser, with a 7 mm spot size.
After 30 min of resting, Dr. Alhallak used a 25 g blunt cannula to lay Juvederm Volbella HA fillers in two three different layers (deep, medium and superficial). The blunt cannula gives the advantage of the less bruising and higher safety profile than sharp needle. He also injected some Botox at the orbicularis oculi muscles.


The before and after picture were taken one month apart

under eye fillers
under eye fillers


This procedure costed the client $750

Side effect and downtime

Swelling and bruising for 48-72 hours