non-surgical rhinoplasty

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Case 1011

What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

This procedure is commonly known as non-surgical nosejob. As its name implies, the procedure include injection of filler and implementing of PDO threads into the nasal dorsum, to imporve the overall look of the nose. It migh include some Botox injection in the depressor septi nasi muscle to raise the nasal tip. This procedures is popular between Asian.

What are the advantages of the nose fillers?

It is more affordable and has less downtime. Morover, the results are reversible.

What are the disadvantages of the nose fillers?

the procedure is not permanint and last about 6 months. Moreover, it will results in brusing


fillers nose job
fillers nose job


Case 1011

a mid thirties female patient presented to the clinic. She is not pleased with a previous nose filler results done at a different clinic. She wanted to have better defined nasal bridge, higher nasal tip and narrower naris.

facial landmarks
facial landmarks



six bi-directional Cog PDO threads were implemented from the nasal septum up. The PDO threads is 21G and 50 mm long. the whole proceudre were done under local anesthesia.


The cost of the procedure vary between $700 - $900


briusing and swelling for 48-72 hours


clikc on the link to check more before and after picture of similar nose threads and fillers