Non-surgical Nose job Edmonton

Non-Surgical Nose Job In Edmonton

Non-Surgical Nose Job In Edmonton

Can you have a non-surgical nose job? Of course, you can! The nose and its symmetry with your face are an essential element of your person. Many people have felt looked down upon because of the shape of their nose.

Non-surgical nose Job in Edmonton

Right from when we are teenagers to when we become working adults, the first thing people notice about our face is the shape of our nose. And that is why many people what their nose to be at its best. For many years, reshaping the nose required rhinoplasty surgery. However, thanks to innovations in cosmetic surgery, you can now shape your nose using fillers.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty with fillers
Non-surgical rhinoplasty with fillers

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You might ask; how can you get a nose job without surgery? Don’t worry. In this article, we talk about non-surgical rhinoplasty, what the procedure involves and who can use it.

What Does a Non-surgical Nose Job Involve?

A non-surgical nose job, also known as a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is a cosmetic surgery that shapes the nose using dermal fillers. The procedure is growing in popularity because it is relatively painless, produces instant results and is affordable.

Regardless of the shape of your nasal bridge or nasal tip, a non-surgical nose job can give you a nasal profile that will accentuate your facial features with perfection. However, unlike cosmetic surgeries where you endure broken bones and lengthy recovery periods, a nonsurgical rhinoplasty requires injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers at the target areas. And the results are not only astounding but instant!

rhinoplasty with fillers by Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D.)
rhinoplasty with fillers by Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D.)


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The dermal fillers work by adding volume to areas of the nose that are sagging or drooping, helping to improve the shape and contour for enhanced aesthetics. Whether you want to remove a visible bump on your nose, enhance your nose bridge, or make the nose tip more streamlined, a non-surgical nose job offers convenience and exceptional results without the pain and discomfort that comes with classic rhinoplasty.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a safe and affordable procedure for people who want to boost the appearance of their nasal features. Now, you can correct even a small imperfection on your nose with this procedure with no expensive and time-consuming surgical procedures. Also, you won’t suffer surgery-related side effects such as loose nasal cartilage or scar formation.

How Long Does Non-surgical Nose Job Take?

Depending on the amount of filter injected in the area you want to improve, non-surgical rhinoplasty can take up to 20-40 minutes. The best part is that despite the simplicity of the procedure, results are instant and precise.

Below is the procedure for performing a non-surgical nose job. Dr. Alhallak, Ph.D., marks the shape you desire on your nose. You will receive a local anesthetic in the nose to numb the area (sometime this may not be necessary). He injects the dermal filler (hyaluronic acid) into the marked areas of your nose. Next is the molding of the filler to create the ideal nose shape that meets your requirements.

Is a Nonsurgical Nose Job Permanent?

No, a non-surgical nose job is a temporary procedure. The results can last for six months to two years or more. However, maintenance injections can increase results and enhance the overall shape and look of the nose. The longevity of the results depends on the rate at which the patient’s body absorbs the fillers, and this varies across the individual.

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When Will You See Results?

A non-surgical nose job provides instant results. You will notice visible changes right from the moment the dermal fillers are in your face. The best part is that you can resume normal activities after the procedure.

What Are the Side Effects of a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

The most common side effect of the procedure is swelling, needle mark, and injection-induced bruising. The swelling will subside within two days, and other complications can take up to a week to clear completely. Some people can be allergic to HA fillers, but this is uncommon. In rare cases, there may be an infection, node formation and other complications that require immediate medical attention. However, most complications are treatable with minimal downtime when noticed early. The best part is that you do not need to stop your regular activities after a non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. If the effects of the procedure are visible, you can use makeup to cover up.


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What Are the Benefits of a Non-surgical Nose Job over Traditional Surgical Rhinoplasty?

The nonsurgical nose job offers several advantages over surgical rhinoplasty procedure. These benefits include:

  • Faster, with most treatments taking less than 20 minutes.
  • It is relatively painless and does not require weeks of recovery.
  • More affordable than the surgical option
  • The results are instant.
  • Non-surgical nose jobs offer more flexibility and almost no downtime

What are the most expected outcomes?

The non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure is a perfect way to achieve correct symmetry. Further, the procedure is ideal for the following outcomes:

  • Reducing roundness in the nasal profile by sculpting the area after injecting fillers
  • Pointing or raising the nasal tip
  • Removing or smoothing nose bumps
  • Correcting the nose shape after an injury

Who Can Benefit from a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can help improve your facial beauty and correct injury-related physical deformities. The following individuals can use this procedure:

  • People who want an instant improvement of their nasal profile
  • Clients who don’t want to go under the knife for a classic rhinoplasty.
  • Patients whose medical or health condition prevent from performing a surgical rhinoplasty

Who Cannot Use the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

This procedure is not suitable for people who have nose deformities, however, it does not correct other issues such as nasal prolapse. Non-surgical nose jobs are not ideal for people who need corrective surgery for respiratory issues. If you want a large-scale reduction or need to change your nose structure permanently, you require a traditional rhinoplasty. Also, people who have had major surgeries on their nose may not be a candidate for this procedure as it increases the chances of complications.

Wrap Up

A nonsurgical nose job offers flexibility, safety, and convenience. If you need a minor nose reshaping, non-surgical rhinoplasty is fast, affordable and provides spectacular results.

The side effects of the procedure are minimal, and it is affordable and almost painless. The best part is that the results are instant and can last up to two years.4

Other cosmetic services

Fillers alone results provide suboptimal results especially in cases that required lifting of the nose tip and narrowing of the nostrils.

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