Liquid Facelift Results

A liquid facelift or a PDO thread lift? The liquid Facelift uses Botox and Dermal Fillers, and the Thread facelift uses PDO threads. The final selection between fillers and a thread lift is up to the patient and their healthcare provider. At the same time, various variables to consider about each therapy may lead to one or the other as the most appropriate answer. To begin, patients should have a firm grasp of the types of problems each therapy addresses. A liquid facelift with fillers generally seeks to restore volume to deflated features, fill deep facial creases, and smooth out particular outlines – such as a recessed jawline. A PDO thread lift is often performed to tighten and lift slack skin and sagging features such as drooping jowls. Additional factors to consider while selecting between fillers and thread lifts include the following:

How long the liquid Facelift takes?

Fillers normally take less than an hour to inject. However, a PDO thread lift may take up to an hour or more. The degree of discomfort associated with the treatment: For both thread lifting and liquid facelifts, a topical anesthetic is often administered to decrease any pain the patient may suffer.

Whether any downtime is required after a liquid facelift

We advise our patients to restrict heavy physical activity for up to a week after a thread lift, while most patients may resume work and other daily activities immediately following either a thread lift or filler injections.

How quickly the effects become obvious

While both thread lifting and fillers provide noticeable benefits almost immediately, the complete outcomes of a PDO thread lift might take several weeks to develop. These improvements should continue over several months as the patient’s natural collagen synthesis increases.

How long may the results last

Fillers often need re-injections once or twice a year. However, the effects of a PDO thread lift may last up to two to three years.

Although deciding whether a liquid facelift or thread lift is the best choice for you may feel intimidating, you are not alone. Dr. Alhallak will analyze your problems and discuss your desired result. Moreover, he thoroughly explains your treatment choices and assists you in determining them. He will advise you which one is the best fit for you at your first appointment for a nonsurgical facelift in Edmonton.

Combining a liquid Facelift and a PDO thread lift in Edmonton

If you believe that facelift surgery is your sole choice for appearing younger. Consider again! If you live in Edmonton, Alberta, you may consider nonsurgical face rejuvenation.

Whether you are in your 30s, are just beginning your anti-aging journey, or have been considering face rejuvenation for some time, we can assist you. To discover more about the nonsurgical facial rejuvenation advantages, contact Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre and Medica spa to book a consultation with Dr. Alhallak, a Ph.D. in Pharmacy, for PDO threading or a liquid facelift in Edmonton, Alberta.

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