Result of PRP sculpt injections for Hair Restoration

Hair loss PRP treatment in Edmonton

Hair loss treatment, or hair restoration treatment, is a procedure that includes multivitamin scalp injections followed by laser treatment. The treatment helps to strengthen the existing hair follicles and grow new ones.

Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) performs the injections, and certified technicians perform the laser sessions.

Number of sessions

Minimum of 4 sessions. We recommend using Rogain foam 5% (prescription medication) and a special oral multivitamin.

Cost of hair loss treatment

The bundles of four sessions are $1000


Most patients notice that hair loss stops after the second session. You can notice the new hair after the 4th session (please consider patient-to-patient variation)

Maintenance of hair loss treatment

We recommend doing the session once a month for at least six months.

We always ask clients to see their family physician for a check-up on their thyroid, hormone imbalances, and iron levels. However, this is not a treatment for complete alopecia.

hair loss treatment results

What is the purpose of HAIRestart?

This cutting-edge treatment stimulates dormant hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. Therefore, hair growth stimulation using Fotona’s HaiRestart is effective in treating hair loss issues.

HaiRestart is enabled by Fotona’s SMOOTH technique, which provides highly regulated energy delivery while maintaining the highest level of patient comfort. Practitioners can apply unique temporal and spatial temperature profiles to the scalp effectively and safely, promoting tissue regeneration and new follicle growth.

Significant Benefits:

Preventing more hair loss

Density and thickness of hair increase

Promoting the development of new follicles

There are no drugs.

There is no downtime.

How Does It Work?

The mechanism of hair loss treatment action is based on the proprietary Fotona SMOOTH® pulses, which send laser light gently to the tissue, safely and precisely stimulating the scalp. In addition, fotona SMOOTH® operates at the ideal infrared Er: YAG laser wavelength (2.94 m) for maximum skin absorption.

The proprietary feature that distinguishes Fotona SMOOTH® is its non-ablative action, which results in precisely tailored moderate thermal pulses. This ensures that the laser light is gentle and effective on the tissue, safe and precise in burning the scalp. The overall effect is that the skin is gently heated, and growth factors are produced without substantial epidermal ablation.

Significant Results and Extreme Patient Satisfaction after hair loss treatment

Numerous clinical investigations have established HaiRestartefficacy ®’s absence of side effects. Significant improvements in hair growth and density, as well as a stabilization of hair loss, were observed regardless of the AGA (androgenetic alopecia) grade, patient age, or duration of AGA.

The results of a blind review of patients in one study (Day D. et al., 2021) suggested that 93 percent of patients improved in terms of hair quality, which was unrelated to age or AGA grade. Patients received subjective feedback in other studies (Dekeyser B., 2019; Mercik G. et al., 2021), describing a more elastic and less dry scalp, thicker, durable, healthy, and denser hair than previously.


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