The Cannula Technique for Lip Fillers in Edmonton

The most frequent procedure for injecting fillers into the lips is to use a typical sharp needle to introduce the filler beneath the skin, which has been the norm for surgeons for some years.

However, in recent years, Dr. Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) has adopted a new revolutionary approach of employing a cannula instead of a needle for particular operations for various advanced reasons, the most important of which is safety.

What exactly is a cannula?

A cannula is nothing more than a blunt needle. For the most crucial safety factor, it is frequently preferable to a sharp needle. Because a cannula needle is blunt, it cannot cause injury to deep tissue inside the skin like a sharp needle would. Sharp needles have a greater ability to enter or pass through a vein or artery, which may be harmful and have serious consequences. Sharp needles penetrating the skin may cause bruising, swelling, and, in more severe situations, unintentional intravascular injection (injection of filler into an artery or vein), an exceedingly serious disease that can result in blindness, necrosis, or paralysis. Using a cannula eliminates these possible difficulties since the bluntness prevents it from passing through these locations, reducing any hazards that may emerge during therapy.


Cannula method for dermal fillers

Because the needle is dull and unable to puncture the skin, a smaller, sharper needle is necessary to establish an initial entry point for the cannula to reach the deeper layers of the skin before the treatment.

After piercing the skin with a sharp needle, a cannula may be introduced through the entrance site to reach deeper layers and implant the filler.

Using a cannula also allows the injector to detect resistance from specific tissue structures that the cannula goes through, enabling them to decide whether to apply or release pressure or change the route of the cannula to avoid veins, arteries, and nerves. This is something you would not be able to benefit from if you used a traditional sharp needle.

Another advantage of employing a cannula is the approach that it permits Dr. Alhallak to utilize. The ‘fanning’ approach means that he may move the cannula in various directions from a single entry site to inject the substance into many regions without having to create additional entry points or penetrate the skin. This implies less pain, shorter treatment times, and a lower chance of bleeding, edema, and bruising.


For what kind of therapies should a cannula be used?

The cannula and method may be utilized for most dermal filler operations, including Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, Cheek Filler, Lip Filler, Jawline Filler, and Tear Trough Filler Dr. Alhallak’s specialty treatments. Using a cannula for these procedures, such as Lip Filler, ensures that the filler is injected in the dermal layers of the skin rather than superficial, resulting in an over-filled appearance, as well as only using one insertion point, reducing the risk of bruising and swelling and increasing patient comfort.

At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center, we are committed to using the most creative and safe treatments for our patients, which is why he is a Key Opinion Leader in cosmetic operations.

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