Bellafill for Laugh lines

Bellafill is the filler of choice to correct laugh lines including nasolabial folds and marionette lines at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center. The skin’s composition begins to alter over time. As our skin ages, we may acquire nasolabial and marionette creases, commonly known as laugh lines. There are treatments available if you are unhappy with your laugh lines. By using Bellafill®, you will significantly delay the aging process and look your best today and for years to come. This is a bellafill case study

What exactly is Bellafill?

Bellafill is one of the most often used in laugh lines correction. This is a dermal filler that is injected directly into the crease to increase volume & revitalize the skin. Bellafill® offers many benefits.
Its immediate results are one of its most important benefits. As soon as our cosmetic practitioners the fillers into the laugh lines creases, they will be filled in.

Bellafill Edmonton
Bellafill Edmonton

What are the expected results of Bellafill?

In addition to nasolabial folds, Bellafill® is helpful in correcting various folds and wrinkles in the face. We will also discuss how to manage lines and wrinkles around your lips, cheeks, and other places when you come in for your consultation. Our goal is to help you improve your entire look. We want you to leave with fewer wrinkles and greater confidence.
Although there are various dermal fillers available to address nasolabial folds, Bellafill® is the only one that can last up to five years. As an additional benefit, you will see improvements in the nasolabial folds and other treated regions over time. Most other dermal fillers, on the other hand, have a one-year lifespan. They will also not last forever, unlike Bellafill®.
Many of our patients are happy with the results, which is reasonable considering the procedure’s speed, simplicity, and safety. Because Bellafill® has such few risks, many patients are delighted with the results.
We invite you to learn more about Bellafill®. We’d like to show you how we can treat nasolabial folds and any other facial wrinkles you’d like to have repaired. Bellafill® is a safe and long-lasting method of rejuvenating the face, with effects that outlast any other dermal filler on the market. We would be happy to discuss the benefits of Bellafill® with you in person.

Bellafill Injection Procedure

Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D.) of Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center is seen in this video injecting Bellafill into the nasolabial folds using a 27G TSK blunt cannula. He uses a hypodermic needle to make an entry point in the epiderms, then slides the cannula to the dermis level. He injected the fillers in retrospective or use the fanning method

الدكتور كمال الحلاق دكتوارة في الصيدلة من جامعة كندا ألبيرت

Facts about this Case

Before Bellafill Injections after Bellafill Injections


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