There was a big reason this study was done: to see how a non-surgical radiofrequency eld device would work. The BTL Vanquish device has been made up to date so that it can deliver more even, effective, and predictable energy to fat cells for both body shaping and fat removal.

After the treatment, there was less fat in the abdomen. Fat is removed a month after each person’s last treatment. In order to get this thickness, an ultrasound was used to measure it. Optimistically, the results showed that vanquish METM did a lot better than the other equipment that came before it and that it was a better choice in general.

Body contouring

Radiofrequency energy creates an electric current that heats up the tissue that it is supposed to treat. In this case, heat is made when an electric current comes into contact with the resistance in the tissue. As a result, the heat is sent to the body. The heat is what makes the body do what it needs to do. This method has become one of the best ways to get rid of fat and shape your body. It’s also one of the safest, looks good, and isn’t very risky.

The medical use of radiofrequency is based on an electric field that causes charged ions and molecules to fuse together. There is friction between molecules that turns into heat that gets sent into the body, which makes the body warmer.


Radiofrequency energy comes in the form of electrical currents and waves that move through the air. It has been used in the medical field for a very long time. Radiofrequency has been used for medical aesthetic purposes for about 75 to 76 years, to be exact. In most cases, a radiofrequency is used for surgery that needs to be done outside the body.

Studies about body contouring

about 36 people were randomly chosen for different treatments in one of two groups:

Group A BTL wiped out VanquishTM is a game that I play with ME Group B

Ages 25 to 56 are in Group A. Their BMI – Body Mass Index was 26.06. Each group also had more women than men. Exclusionary rules included having a Body Mass Index of more than 30 and having had fat-reduction surgery on the abdomen before. Each person had a 45-minute procedure in their abdomen four times a year with a device that was chosen by their team.

During the study, the subjects were told to keep living and eating the same way as before. It was done by ultrasound when the study started and a month after the last treatment. One person dropped out of the study for reasons that had nothing to do with it.

RESULTS of body contouring

Analysis of the study groups showed no statistical difference in average abdominal fat layer thickness prior to the study (group A 18.51+4.21mm (range 11.6-24.7 m) vs Group B 18.01+5.81 mm (range 13.0-30.4mm).

Two people left the study for reasons that had nothing to do with the study, so 34 people finished the study. The study was done safely and there were no problems with the devices or anything bad that happened.

The side effects that people reported were short-term and mild. They included tissue tenderness, erythema after treatment, and it went away an hour after the procedure.


The BTL Vanquish was made to help deliver more energy to the fat layer above the main Vanquish tool. The device that was made helped a lot with reducing the fat layer, with a numerical and significant change of 2.72mm to 4.17m in both the Vanquish and Vanquish.

This shows that the four weeks of treatment made a big difference in how the person looked. There were only a few short-term side effects that are common with most treatments, but this one showed a real drop in belly fat. The large applicator can easily cover the stomach in one go, which helps reduce fat and makes it better than liposuction, which is more painful.


The radiofrequency hands-free body shaping device is the best way to get rid of fat and shape your body. It is so easy to use and one of the best things that technology has done for us. Waves or currents of radiofrequency energy move through your body. The heat helps you burn fat and get the shape you want, and it’s safe for most people. It will help you.

  • Tone your skin
  • Boosting lymphatic drainage, cell metabolism, and blood flow
  • Increase the amount of collagen that is made
  • Reduce cellulite and get rid of stubborn fat pockets

In general, it will help you get the body of your dreams.

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