The major reason why this study was made was to compare the effects of a non-surgical radiofrequency eld device. The BTL vanquish ME device has been designed contemporarily to provide a more homogenous, effective, and predictable energy delivery to the fat cells for both body shaping and fat removal.

The result after the treatment was an abdominal fat reduction. Fat removal occurs a month after each subject’s final treatment. This thickness was measured through the use of an ultrasound. Optimally, the results showed that vanquish METM performed way better than the other equipment’s before it and it was a better option in its entirety.


Radio frequency energy creates an electric current that heats up the targeted tissue. Heat is formed when the electric current comes in contact with tissue resistance. As a result, the heat formed is channeled to the body – the generated heat is responsible for inducing the needed changes in the body. This method has emerged as one of the most effective, aesthetic, not risky and creative treatment methods for fat reduction and body shaping.

The use of radiofrequency medically relies on an electrical field that causes fusion amid charged ions and molecules. The result is a molecular friction that is changed into heat, passed into the body.


Radiofrequency is energy in the form of electrical currents and radiating waves. This technology has been used in the medical field for a very long period of time.  Precisely, Radiofrequency has been used for medical aesthetic purposes for about 75-76 years.  A radiofrequency is used generally for invasive surgeries, and totally healthy.


About 36 subjects were assigned irregularly for different treatments in 1 of 2 groups:

Group A

  • BTL Vanquish ME

Group B

Group A subjects (aged 25 to 56) had a BMI - Body Mass Index of 26.06. Also, each group had more females than males. Exclusionary criteria involved a Body Mass Index of more than 30 and past fat reduction procedures on the abdomen previously. All the subject got 4 weekly and forty-five-minute procedure in their abdomen with a device intent on by their team assignment.

The Subjects were told to continue with their normal lifestyle and diet and all through the time of the study. The fat layer of the subjects was measured by ultrasound began the study started and a month after the previous treatment. One subject dropped out of the treatment, for reasons unrelated to the study.


Analysis of the study groups showed no statistical difference in average abdominal fat layer thickness prior to the study (group A 18.51+4.21mm (range 11.6-24.7 m) vs Group B 18.01+5.81 mm (range 13.0-30.4mm).

Two left the study as a result of some reasons irrelevant to the study, hence 34 subjects finished the study. The study was completed safely and no device malfunctions or harmful events were recorded.

The Side effects recorded were transient and gentle, including tissue tenderness, post treatments erythema and which disappears one hour after the procedure.


The BTL vanquish ME was engineered to enhance energy delivery used to target fat layer over the main VanquishTM tool. The device produced helped in reducing fat layer greatly, with a numerical and significant change averaging 2.72mm to 4.17m in both the VanquishTM and  Vanquish ME.

This shows that the change in the four weeks of treatment was very significant.  There were only transient minor side effects which are quite normal with almost every treatment and this showed a measured reduction in abdominal fat.  The sizable applicator can cover the stomach easily in one application, which helps reduces fat and makes it better than invasive liposuction.


The radiofrequency hands-free, the body shaping device is the most reliable fat removal and contouring device. It is so easy to use and it is one of the major gifts that technology has brought to mankind. The radiofrequency energy in the form of waves or electrical currents passes through the body and the heat helps burn the body fat and gives your body the perfect shape that you desire. It will help

Overall, it will help firm and smooth your skin’s texture, making all your body dreams come true.


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About the author, Dr. Kamal Alhallak is a Ph.D. holder in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science with special training and certifications in Cosmetic injections. His rating is one of the best in Alberta.

Disclaimer: Albany Cosmetic and Laser center does not have any of the machines mentioned in this post

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