It is no news that aging causes an intense feeling of fear and nervousness. As we age, the skin loses its fitness and elasticity and factors such as pollution, dirt, and lack of rest and proper hydration increase the rate at which the skin ages.
The under-eye skin is extremely thin and delicate, which makes it more vulnerable to different types of skin problems.
There are various kinds of under eye problems caused by lifestyle, aging, and skin type. Nonetheless, with a good skin care treatment, you can fight under eyes skin problems to restore the appearance of the under-eye skin.
Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the under eye skin problems.

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1. under eye wrinkles

Under eye, wrinkles begin with fine lines, which then turns into deep fine lines also known as wrinkles. The lines and wrinkles cause creases that build up around the eyes, making you look unattractive and old.
What are the causes of under eye wrinkles?
Age is the major cause of under eye wrinkles; however other causes include smoking, squinting, sun damage, smiling, injury, and muscle movement.

2. undereye dark circles

Dark circles occur when hemoglobin (the red protein responsible for carrying oxygen) in the capillaries (around the under eye area) oxidizes. The process is known as hemoglobin degradation, which forms a dark color ranging from blue to reddish purple.
Under eye Dark circles make you look rundown and tired. Also, under eye dark circles takes away the youthfulness of your face and leaves your looking ill, pale, and old.
Another cause of under eye dark circles is the delicate and thin layer of the under eye. The thin skin shows the blood vessels more vividly than other parts of the body, hence when there is a swollen blood vessel; it will look darker than any part of the face.
Apart from thin under eye skin, other causes of under eye dark Circles include
Heredity – Genetics plays a major role in the developments of under eye dark cycles. If you inherit delicate and thin under eyes skin, dark circles become visible when blood accumulates underneath your lower eyelids as a result of slower circulation when you don’t get enough sleep. The accumulation of blood causes delicate capillaries to expand and leak.
Allergies – Sometimes the blood vessels get dilated during Nasal congestion, causing the area to darken.
Age – Age is one of the major causes of under eye cycles. Gradually, skin loses its elasticit. Hence the veins become more prominent.
Sleep deprivation – this is one of the major causes of dark eyes cycles, which also easy to prevent.
Iron deficiency – The condition prevents the blood from transferring enough oxygen to the eye tissues.
Other causes include eczema and stress.

3. under eye bags (festoons)

Eye bags are puffiness and mild swelling under the eyes, which gets more visible as you grow old. As you age, the muscle and tissue supporting your eyelids wear out. When the fat which supports your eyes accumulates into your eyelids (especially the lower eyelids), it causes your lower eyelid to look puffy. Furthermore, fluids build up in the area below the eyes, which adds to the puffiness.
Also, under eye bags (festoons), a medical term for ballottable skin edema, skin folds or swelling in the upper cheek and lower eyelids area are “malar mound” or “festoon.”
While the people who have under eye bags basically think it is another symptom of aging, chronic festoons cause an aesthetic disturbance, which can cause peripheral vision loss.
What are the causes of under eye bags (festoons)?
Different factors cause or aggravate this under eye bags (festoons), including:
• Lack of sleep
• Fluid retention
• Smoking
• Allergies
• Heredity


1. Fillers

Eye fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in your skin. The filler delivers a notable anti-aging effect when it is placed in the under eyes area. The visible effects of the treatment last for approximately six to nine months after one procedure.
Under eyes Fillers like Restylane and Juvederm for treating dark circles and under eye, wrinkles is an effective and safe way to enhance the appearance of under eye problems.

How does the treatment Work?

When the filler is injected, it will correct dark cycles and under eye bags.
The treatment is great and offers little or no-downtime, which is a good option compared to under eye surgery.

Are There Side Effects?

Just like any injectable treatment, you will experience some swelling or redness at the treated site.
However, you can resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment. It is a safe treatment and the amazing results of the treatment last for two years (which depends on the type of fillers used)

2. Plasma injection

Platelet-rich-plasma contains growth factors and stem cells. When it is injected under the under eye area, it works by producing collagen and elastin. The treatment eventually corrects dark cycles and lost volume.
How long do the effects of plasma injection last?
Normally, the body produces collagen that lasts for two years before it starts to wear off; hence, the effects of plasma injection last for two years.

Does plasma injection treatment hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt; however, parents may experience a minor discomfort when the blood is drawn from the body.

How much plasma injection will I need to correct under eye circles?

You may need about three treatments to achieve complete results.
When will I notice results after PRP treatment?
Most clients start seeing results few days after the first treatment.

3. Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency treatment encourages the development of the collagen which firms and tightens the skin. It also helps to reduce puffiness, eye bags; dark circles and under eye wrinkles in approximately 10 to 20 sessions.
The use of radiofrequency for under eye problems involves the removal of poisonous substance in the retained liquids and the reduction of pigmentations. Radiofrequency is used to reduce edema (liquid retention) and improve lymphatic circulation around the eyes.

How does the treatment work?

The under eye area is warmed gently with radiofrequency waves. The procedure enhances the collagen production, which smoothes, tightens the under eye skin, and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

What to expect during treatment?

During the procedure, A local anesthetic is used to numb the under eye area. Next, a Radiofrequency needle (with appropriate width and length) is inserted. The RF breaks down the accumulated fat in the lower eyelid, which drains out eventually by the lymphatic system.

How soon can I see the results?

You will notice visible results in 3 to 4 weeks.


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