Using a Cannula for Under-Eye Bags Correction

The Benefits of Using a Cannula for Under-Eyes Bag Correction

Bags under the eyes are a common cosmetic concern, but using a cannula for under-eye bags correction made the procedure safer. While they can be caused by various factors, such as genetics, allergies, and poor diet, they often result from fluid accumulation. This can be due to aging, when the skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag or from excessive crying, drinking, or smoking.

Fortunately, there are several treatments available for bags under the eyes. One of the most popular is the use of cannulas to correct the problem. Cannulas are small tubes that are inserted through tiny incisions in the skin.

Using a cannula for under-eye bags correction is a relatively new technique to implement the fillers in the tear trough area. However, it is very effective in correcting this problem. In addition, it is a relatively painless procedure and does not require any downtime afterwards.

The misconception of the under-eye problem

There is a misconception that we need to remove fat from the area instead of injecting it to get rid of the bags. This comes from the buffy appearance of the under-eye bags and the shadow under the eyes. But the reality is the opposite; the bags appear mainly due to fat loss in the area. To correct the issue, we need to inject fillers in the area to make the skin even and have the same light reflection. Using a Cannula for Under-Eye Bags Correction made the process easier and the results better.



The Cannula Technique Under-Eye Bags Correction

Dr. Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy) used the blunt microcannula and the sharp needle for the micro-droplet to fill the superficial plane in the orbital region. We used Juvederm Volbela as it is the only Vycross HA filler that can be used superficially in the tear trough area.

Results of Using a Cannula for Under-Eye Bags

The client was amazed by the instant results and correction after the fillers session. The light reflection changed dramatically to be more even, which resulted in a lighter skin colour under the eyes. The even skin between the cheek and the eye rim resulted in the correction of the puffy appearance. The use of a cannula minimizes bruising for under-eye bags correction.


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