The Advancements in Under-Eye Bag Correction: The Cannula Technique

Under-eye bags, those pesky indicators of fatigue, age, or a late night, are a cosmetic concern many wish to address. Various factors can contribute to their appearance, such as genetics, allergies, poor diet, or even a night of excessive crying. But a groundbreaking technique is changing the face (literally!) of under-eye bag treatment: the cannula technique.

Understanding Under-Eye Bags

One common misunderstanding is that to address under-eye bags, you should remove fat from the region. This misconception is likely spurred by the puffy look of these bags and the shadows they cast. However, more often than not, these bags result from fat loss in the area. To rectify this, the solution often introduces fillers to even out the skin and create uniform light reflection.

Enter the Cannula Technique

Traditionally, fillers for the under-eye area were administered using needles. But the introduction of the cannula – a small tube inserted via a tiny incision – has revolutionized the process. This technique, championed by experts like Dr. Alhallak (Ph.D. in Pharmacy), involves using a blunt microcannula alongside a sharp needle to introduce filler to the orbital region. Dr. Alhallak uses Juvederm Volbela, a Vycross HA filler designed specifically for the delicate under-eye area for best results.

Why Choose the Cannula Technique?

  1. Safety: Using a cannula for under-eye bag correction has made the procedure safer than traditional methods.

  2. Minimal Discomfort: It’s a less painful experience with the added benefit of little to no downtime post-procedure.

  3. Instant Results: Patients are often stunned by the immediate correction and transformation post-fillers. The light reflection on the skin becomes more even, giving the skin a lighter appearance. The skin’s evenness between the cheek and the eye rim also eliminates that unwanted puffiness.

  4. Reduced Bruising: The cannula technique reduces the chances of bruising post-procedure, ensuring you can show off those refreshed eyes sooner!

Choose Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center

If you’re considering addressing your under-eye bags and seeking an effective and safe solution, Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center in Edmonton is your go-to place. We offer a comprehensive range of non-invasive laser and cosmetic injection services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction and has the certifications and training for all our offered procedures. With Dr. Alhallak’s expertise, particularly in the specialized technique of using a cannula for under-eye bag correction, you’re in safe, expert hands.

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