Laser hair loss treatment in Edmonton

Laser hair loss treatment in Edmonton

Why laser hair loss treatment is in high demands? Because hair loss can affect anyone of us, regardless of age and gender. Either it is genetic, or due to hormonal imbalance, or vitamin deficiency, the hair follicles life cycle get shorter, and we start to lose more hair than what we produce. Hence we lose the hair loss battle!

The innovative Smooth Mode from Fotona Er-Yag laser has shown significant results as hair loss treatment. Laser hair loss treatment in Edmonton provides bulk heating to the scalp and restores the balance of hair follicles growth cycles

Why am I losing my hair?

We loss hair every day, it is normal. On Average, we lose about 100 hair follicole from the scalp everyday, which is 0.1% of our totla hair. During its life cycle, a hair folicole go through three defined phases:  Anagen phase (the growing phase) that lasts 3-5 years, Catagen phase (short transition phase) last about 10 days and (Telogen phase) when the hair rest and fall out. In health people, giving any one time, about 90 percent of the hair folicoles are in the Anagen phase.

Different reason may cause disruption in he hair follicles life cycles, shorter growing phase and faster Resting phase. This menas that we start losing more than 0.1% of our hair everyday, and the scalp cannot produce hair fast enough to compensate.

Different laser, different results

The difference is simply similar to the difference between getting warm and getting burned. The laser hair removal delivers a strong pulse of energy to burn the dark hair follicle. Differently, Fotona Er-Yag laser works as it is not absorbed by hair follicle colors, but by the water in the scalp. Moreover, the energy is delivered smoothly, hence the Smooth Mode, to build heat gradually in the scalp area. Higher temperature increases blood flow and helps hair follicle to grow faster and stronger.

How does laser hair loss treatment work?

Foton Laser delivers it's nourishing to the hair follicles deeply stimulating the root at the cellular level. The boost of laser light revitalizes and enlivens the weaken follicles. Moreover, it stimulates growth factors, reversing the thinning process, and helps restore and extends your hair growth natural cycles.

What results show I expect from Laser hair loss treatment?

The results are fuller scalp with stronger and thicker hair.  Most of the clients start seeing results after the fourth session. However, it may vary considerably from patient to patient.

fotona laser hair loss treatment
Before and after 8 sessions of fotona laser hair loss treatment


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Does Laser work for all type of hair loss?

It is important to understand that hair loss has many different reasons, and the laser treatment is not a cure. For example, some cases of hair loss are directly linked to hormonal imbalance and autoimmune diseases. In this example, laser treatment will help reduce the hair loss and restore the life cycle for the follicles, however, it will not eradicate the cause for the hair loss.

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How many laser hair loss treatments do I need?

We recommend having one session (usually take thirty min) every two weeks for a total of eight-session, followed up with one session every month after that.

Can I combine Lase hair restoration treatment with other treatments?

Yes, we recommend combining the laser restoration therapy with Rich-platelet Plasma (prp) injection. You can also keep using Rogain if you are already using it.

We will also recommend some collagen products and multivitamin compounded, especially for this treatment.

How much does Laser hair restoration treatment cost in Edmonton?

The price of four sessions of laser hair restoration is  $600. If paid individually, the session will cost $200

You have take advantage of our ultimate hair restoration bundle that includes: one session of PRP injection + 15 min of red light therapy + four session of Fotona laser for $1200

Is laser hair restoration safe?

Yes, it is. You will feel that your scalp is tender and tight for 24 hours after the treatment. we recommend avoiding sun exposure and headwaters for 24 hours after the treatment