Bellafill Dermal Fillers Aftercare

Once you have received a Bellafill injection from your healthcare provider, there are some important steps you should take to ensure the best possible results and to minimize any potential side effects. Here is our comprehensive guide to what you need to know about caring for yourself following a Bellafill treatment. This treatment is getting more popular as Health Canada waived the skin test requirement due to higher safety profile of the highly purified collagen filler. Moreover, it has been approved for acne scar revision.First and foremost, be aware that some swelling, bruising, and redness are normal after receiving dermal fillers. These effects usually resolve in several days but may take up to two weeks in some cases. During this time, it is important to keep the treated area clean and dry while avoiding any strenuous activity that might cause excessive movement of the treated area. Additionally, contact your doctor if you experience any undue pain or discomfort during this period of recovery.

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Bellafill Recovery Period

During the recovery period, you should also avoid direct sun exposure on the injected areas as well as heat treatments such as saunas or hot tubs. You should also avoid excessive sweating for at least 48 hours after treatment. If you must exercise during this time, ensure it does not involve extensive movement of the treated areas.It is also important to avoid any massage or pressure on the injected areas for at least two weeks following treatment. This includes avoiding facial treatments such as facials, waxing or threading until two weeks have passed since your treatment session. Furthermore, it is recommended that you do not apply makeup or other cosmetics over the area for 24 hours after receiving Bellafill injections so as not to irritate your skin further or disrupt the results achieved with the product.In terms of aftercare products, applying sunscreen regularly and using mild cleansers can help maintain great skin health following dermal filler treatments. Additionally, using moisturizers specifically designed for sensitive skin can help reduce discomfort associated with post-injection swelling and irritation while still providing nourishment and hydration needed by your skin cells during this time of repair and healing. Using a blunt cannula for Bellafill injection helps to reduce the possible side effects such as bruising and swelling.When considering any aesthetic treatments like injectables such as Bellafill Dermal Fillers, it is important to understand all aftercare instructions provided by your healthcare provider prior to undergoing any procedures so that you can achieve optimal outcomes without compromising safety or comfort levels throughout each step of the process. Following these instructions will ensure that you get beautiful results from Bellafill Injections that last for many years into the future!

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