A Case Study on Acne Scars Correction Using Subcision and Bellafill Injections at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

Acne scars are a common concern for many people, often causing emotional distress and a lack of self-confidence. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic treatments, there is a wide range of options available for acne scar correction. One such treatment involves subcision followed by Bellafill injections. In this case study, we will share the remarkable results of a patient who underwent this treatment at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton.

Background About Acne Scars

Our patient, Sarah (name changed for privacy), is a 28-year-old woman who had been struggling with severe acne scars for over a decade. Despite trying various topical treatments, Sarah was unable to achieve the desired improvement in her skin’s appearance. After an in-depth consultation at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre, our specialists recommended a combination of subcision and Bellafill injections to address her concerns.

Acne Scars Treatment Process

The treatment process began with subcision, a minimally invasive surgical technique that involves using a small needle to break the fibrotic strands tethering the scar to the underlying tissue. This process helps to release the scar and encourage the growth of new collagen, ultimately improving the appearance of the scarred area.

After the subcision, Sarah received Bellafill injections. Bellafill is a dermal filler containing polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, which provide a supportive matrix for the body’s collagen production. When injected, Bellafill adds volume to the scarred area, further smoothing the skin’s surface and providing long-lasting results.


Sarah’s treatment took place over several sessions, with noticeable improvements after each visit. Following the subcision and Bellafill injections, her acne scars were visibly reduced, and her skin texture became smoother and more even. The combination of these treatments not only addressed the physical appearance of the scars but also improved Sarah’s self-confidence and overall quality of life.

Post-treatment, Sarah was advised to follow a personalized skincare routine, including the use of sun protection, to maintain her results. At her follow-up appointments, she continued to show significant improvements in her skin’s appearance.


This case study highlights the incredible results that can be achieved with the combination of subcision and Bellafill injections for acne scar correction. At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton, our skilled specialists are dedicated to providing the best possible care and treatments for our patients. With customized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs, we strive to help our patients regain their confidence and improve their overall well-being.

If you or someone you know is struggling with acne scars, contact Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre to schedule a consultation and learn more about the available treatment options. Your journey to clearer, smoother skin could be just a phone call away.

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This case study is based on the personal experience of one patient and is not intended to represent typical results. Individual results may vary, and the treatment results depicted in this case study are not guaranteed. The information provided in this case study is not a substitute for a consultation with a licensed healthcare provider, and it is important to understand that results vary from person to person. Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it is important to speak with a licensed healthcare provider to understand the potential risks, benefits, and results.

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