Juvederm: Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

Juvederm is a dermal filler that is used to reshape the face and diminish the indications of aging. It is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable dermal filler. It is a facial treatment that concentrates on the cheeks, lips, and area surrounding the mouth. The injection treatment takes between 15 and 60 minutes. It is one of the most often performed nonsurgical cosmetic treatments in North America. Juvederm was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006. In 2019, over 2.4 million operations with hyaluronic acid-based fillers (such as Juvederm) were done.


Before and after lip fillers after one syringe of Juvederm

lip fillers results


Lip fillers with Juvederm


Juvederm Cost

The average cost of a hyaluronic acid-based filler procedure, such as Juvederm, in 2022 was $650.


Juvederm Efficacy

Often, results are instantly visible following a surgery. The effects might persist between one and two years.


What Exactly is Juvederm

Juvederm is a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid. The Juvederm family of products includes numerous products. They are all utilized to assist individuals in addressing the visible symptoms of aging on their faces. Each product in the Juvederm series has a unique bonding and hyaluronic acid content. When injected into various places and depths, the various compounds are individually customized to address distinct concerns. Juvederm fillers are smooth and gel-like in texture that comes in different types

  • Juvederm Voluma XC injects volume under the skin’s surface to augment the size of your cheeks.
  • The Juvederm XC treats skin elasticity loss and smooths out creases and lines around the mouth and nose, referred to as smile lines.
  • Juvederm Ultra XC is an injectable filler that provides nonsurgical lip augmentation.
  • The Juvederm Volbella XC is the smoothest for under eye fillers


Getting Ready for Lip fillers

Consult a medical expert before receiving a Juvederm treatment to discuss your cosmetic objectives and expectations. Due to the low invasive nature of Juvederm treatments, they are typically performed on the same day as the consultation. The treatment is non-invasive and requires little preparation.

Simple pre-consultation and treatment advice often includes abstaining from aspirin, ibuprofen, and St. John’s wort. Additionally, you’ll want to abstain from alcohol in the weeks preceding therapy. Additionally, smoking is discouraged before therapy. Avoiding these items can assist in preventing bruising. Additionally, inform your doctor of any allergies or sensitivities.

  • Voluma XC for the cheeks
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus XC  for lips
  • Juvederm Volbella XC for the Under Eye


What is the mechanism of action of Juvederm?

Juvederm works by injecting hyaluronic acid into the facial tissue to create volume. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally gel-like material in the body, it is our natural fillers. It encourages the formation of connective tissue that gives the skin its plump appearance (collagen). Our body produces less hyaluronic acid and collagen. This exacerbates the appearance of facial skin sagging and wrinkling.

Typically, one of the Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centers in Edmonton will take pictures and discuss the regions to be treated during the operation. Following that, your doctor will inject Juvederm into the desired location. Additionally, they will carefully massage the region to ensure uniform dispersion and minimize the risk of edema. The full operation typically takes between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the region treated.

Juvederm injections include a trace of lidocaine, a pain reliever. This will assist in minimizing any pain or discomfort you experience during treatment and ensuring that it passes fast.


Possible side effects

You should anticipate swelling and bruises. Redness, soreness, lumps or bumps, slight discomfort, and itching are all frequent adverse effects.

All of these adverse reactions typically resolve within two to four weeks.

Serious adverse effects are often connected with inexperienced handlings, such as accidentally injecting Juvederm into a blood artery. Permanent scarring, visual problems, blindness, or stroke are possible complications. That is why it is critical to pick your physician carefully. Ascertain that they have received appropriate training, certification, and licensing to do the procedure.


What to expect following Juvederm?

The recovery period is brief. However, individuals are recommended to abstain from physical exercise, sun exposure, wearing cosmetics, and alcohol use for at least 24 hours following treatment.

The majority of patients see the results of Juvederm immediately or shortly after the edema subsides. Typically, the effects endure between six months and two years. This varies according to the Juvederm product utilized.


 What is the cost of Juvederm?

The average cost per syringe of hyaluronic acid injections such as Juvederm was $650. The cost of a Juvederm treatment varies according to the experience of your physician, your geographic region, and the number of syringes used. Because dermal fillers are an optional procedure, they are not covered by health insurance.\


Why Choose Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton?

Kamal Alhallak, Ph.D., Salem Tomi, M.D., and R.N. Dima Omran work collaboratively to offer the following Juvederm services.

  • Nasolabial folds,
  • Marionette lines
  • Lips
  • Cheekbones
  • Jawline and jowls
  • Under Eye


Why Choosing Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre in Edmonton for Your Juvederm Injection?


  • Premium Health Canada-approved fillers.
  • We go above and above by staying current on the literature and avoiding fillers with a history of poor results, even if they are FDA-approved.
  • Everything we inject into you has been injected into numerous family members previously



We have been injecting fillers since 2016 and have a good track record of client satisfaction and outcomes. At our center, you will receive superior outcomes at a lower cost.



Our objective is to produce a softer, more youthful, overall look. Everyone has a nasolabial fold; we want a shallow nasolabial fold. We can make certain lines vanish, while others we are content to soften. Then we fill up hollows caused by volume loss. Revolumization causes shadows that cause a harsh appearance to soften or vanish.

Replacing volume also helps raise certain areas of the face, such as jowls or the corners of the mouth, which begin to droop with age. We focus on regions of the face where a small amount of volume may make a significant effect. Our objective is to offer you superior care via a network of devoted individuals in whom you can place your faith while keeping your experience easy.

before lip fillers After lip fillers
before lip fillers After lip fillers


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