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Full-face rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a procedure that is infrequently explored in individuals for numerous cosmetic reasons. To determine the suitability of a novel spectrum of hyaluronic acid fillers for full-face rejuvenation and to analyze effectiveness, safety, and patient satisfaction. Patients may get up to five Juvederm fillers from the same range for up to eight indications throughout this six-month experiment. The results were a global aesthetic improvement, improvement in each indication, reduction in adverse events, local tolerability, and satisfaction.


Fillers and Botox injections results

There were 77 participants with a mean age of 54.5 years; 48.1 percent had five or more indications addressed. The average total injection volume (baseline and touch-up) was 6.7 mL per participant. At six months, 92.1 percent of subjects improved significantly over baseline, 79.7 percent expressed satisfaction or extreme satisfaction with the results’ durability, and 63.0 percent reported feeling significantly or significantly better than before the injection. Apart from typical injection site reactions, no unusual safety concerns were found.


Full-face rejuvenation

Full-face rejuvenation with JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION was productive, safe, and yielded excellent outcomes in patients with varied indications. While traditional dermal filler treatments focus on specific wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines, the need for additional volume restoration in the tear troughs, cheeks, lips, and chin is becoming more apparent. 1-8 This full-face technique aims for superior volume correction and is a novel addition to the anti-aging treatment arsenal. It is a new option for those who wish to improve their appearance but cannot undertake surgical procedures.


Full-face rejuvenation with dermal fillers

Full-face rejuvenation with dermal fillers is a novel and thorough procedure with relatively little clinical attention. Carruthers and colleagues randomly allocated participants to receive Botox injections, HA fillers alone, or a combination of Botox injections and HA fillers in the lower face, including the lips, oral commissures, marionette lines, and chin. 5 Taub and colleagues revealed in another research that ten participants who received 6 to 9 mL of HA filler after two to four weeks saw an average decline in apparent age of 7.8 to 9 years. 15 While the data verified the effectiveness of the full-face procedure, a larger sample size and a longer study would give further information on the fillers and technique. Additionally, just two HA fillers were used in those two studies. The current study examined the effect of full-face rejuvenation using five different HA fillers from the same family. Cosmetic treatments must be evaluated using both investigator ratings and patient-reported results.


JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION filler range in full-face therapy

Although specific conclusions are difficult to draw due to the study design’s numerous variations (filler formulation, indication, baseline wrinkle severity, injection volume, and technique), similar efficacy, safety, and patient satisfaction results were observed for each filler across all indications treated in the study and across all commonly used fillers. Significant aesthetic improvements were seen immediately after injection, lasting six months. Regardless of the filler used, an average of one grade of improvement in wrinkle severity assessments was observed at six months from baseline for each indication. These findings on the efficacy of nasolabial fold treatment for various disorders were consistent with previous randomized controlled trials. In those two investigations, mild and severe nasolabial folds were treated with JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION Classic and JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION Deep. After six months, both studies demonstrated one-grade improvement on the 5-point Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale. Additionally, one grade improved at 18 months following JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION Classic therapy for moderate nasolabial folds, with retreatment at nine months (data on file).


A single treatment with JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION

A single treatment with JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION Deep had a one-year effect, with more than one-grade improvement documented at 12 months (data on file). These effectiveness findings demonstrate that the full-face technique is economically feasible because of the long-term durability of the JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION. The high level of patient satisfaction demonstrated in this trial, with most participants expressing a desire to recommend and receive the same therapy again, confirmed the investigators’ assessments of efficacy and durability. The quantity of filler injected during each treatment session varies significantly between the full-face approach and conventional therapy, targeting one or two isolated wrinkles. The average volume of JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION fillers used in this study was 6.7 mL (5.4 mL at baseline and 2.5 mL at touch-up), which is comparable to the volume of HA fillers used in the Taub and colleagues study (6–9 mL) and approximately twice the volume used in the Carruthers and colleagues study, which treated only the lower face. Although the amount of filler injected seemed large, it was proportional to the depth of wrinkles (on average, very deep) and volume loss (thin lips) at baseline. The individuals for this study were chosen based on their volume and wrinkle markers. They were also, on average, older than the participants in the Taub and colleagues and Carruthers and colleagues studies (mean age 54.5 vs. 49 and 48.1, respectively). 5,15 For younger individuals with fewer causes for filler, less filler may be necessary to get satisfactory results. The overall amount of fillers injected did not influence patient contentment, suggesting that a whole-face approach with the whole spectrum enables treatments to be adjusted to individual needs, which is crucial for patient satisfaction. Despite the high quantity of HA fillers injected per participant, the study demonstrated acceptable safety, with only one associated adverse event and no specific safety concerns other than the expected and transient injection site reactions. 10 Additionally, 95.8 percent of participants reported that the therapy results appeared natural. A downside of this research is that it is an open trial. Nonetheless, patient-reported results supported investigator-assessed findings, equivalent to those from previous randomized controlled trials. 16,17 Additionally, the open-label strategy was thought necessary to familiarise investigators with the novel filler range and accumulate experience and information regarding the proper indications for each JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION filler.


Efficacy and safety of the JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION

This research proved the efficacy and safety of the JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION range in the full-face approach. It also gave information on the indications for each JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION filler. No one-size-fits-all filler can be used for all of the treatments involved in full-face rejuvenation. Fillers with various physical characteristics should be carefully chosen to fit each patient’s reason, defect severity, and desired outcome. The extent to which 1,18 HA fillers were cross-linked, their gel calibration (sizing), and their HA concentration varied. Taken combined, these factors establish the filler’s viscous (G’) and elastic (G”) moduli, the target tissue layer in the skin, the required needle size, and hence the appropriate indication. 19 Fillers with a higher G’ may be more resistant to deformation and, in theory, stay longer, whereas fillers with a lower G’ are smoother and better for superficial line repair. 20 While all five fillers in the JUVEDERM FILLERS INJECTION range contain the same amount of HA (20 mg/mL), they are made with various degrees of cross-linking and gel calibration, resulting in physical properties that are customized to their specific uses. Edmonton’s fact Edmonton’s city council, located in Alberta, comprises thirteen elected officials: twelve city councillors and a mayor.

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