Getting a Non-Surgical Nose Job can help you

  • A non-surgical procedure that makes your nose look better.
  • A non-surgical way to get a new nose.
  • It looks better on the whole face, makes bumps less noticeable, and makes a face look more symmetrical.

Who should provide the Nose Filler?

You should only get this treatment from someone who is experienced in injecting. Not all injectors can do it when you have a Non-Surgical Nose Job with Filler. If your injector is not skilled in this procedure, problems could happen. You meet with Dr. Alhallak during your appointment, and he explains the details of this procedure. You’ll want to talk to someone with a lot of experience injecting fillers to ensure the procedure is safe and goes well.

I want to get the best non-surgical nose job in Edmonton. Where can I go?

Our favourite things are Botox, fillers, cosmetic injections, and results. We aim to make our customers feel beautiful and confident with nose fillers. The best fillers and the best people are the secrets to our success. So, we offer some of the best results in Edmonton. We only use the most up-to-date injection methods and the best quality product.

How long does this treatment take to do?

The new 15-minute non-surgical nose job gives patients a contoured, shapely nose, making them look better and boosting their self-confidence. It is used to shape
and contour the nose during this surgery with Juvederm®, a type of filler for the skin. In contrast to traditional surgery, these fillers allow patients to get immediate results with little to no downtime. The 15-minute non-surgical nose job doesn’t hurt most often and can be done in a short office visit. Our doctor will put face filler in the right places on the nose during the procedure to hide imperfections. Your nose will look more like of a straight line after the non-surgical nose job.

What do fillers contain?

Hyaluronic Acid is the most frequent component of premium fillers. The body part makes the skin hydrated by attaching it to water molecules. Hyaluronic Acid is found in the skin and connective tissue. Slower skin growth means losing more things that make our skin strong and elastic as we age. This makes the skin look older, drier, and thinner, and it causes more creases and folds to form over time as the skin ages. We also use fillers to fix the facial structure and remove fine lines or deep wrinkles. Moreover, we inject them to add volume to the face and shape and define the lips. This will depend on how good your injector is and how good they are at what they do.

Nose Fillers

Non-surgical nose enhancement

Non-surgical Nose Job: Case No. 1293

Non-Surgical Nose Job Case No. 1050

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Nose job results
before rhinoplasty after nose job
Non surgical Nose Job

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