Results of non-surgical nose job

Nose job surgery used to be sole for correcting less than some desirable features of the nose. Recently, the non-surgical nose job has been getting more popular due to less downtime and the tag price of invasive and permanent surgical nose jobs. A non-surgical nose job takes about 1 hour with significant improvement in the nasal features. Moreover, the fillers and thread nose lifts are non-surgical and more affordable. In conclusion, you do not need not worry about adverse reactions or long and painful recovery following surgery.

What can this procedure correct

  • enhancing the anatomical features
  • improving symmetry
  • Improving shape post-injury
  • Raising the nose tip
  • Creating roundness and smoothing bumps

Case 1033

A female in her Mid 30 is not happy about her nose feature. She wishes to see a more prominent nose ridge and higher tips with smaller nostrils. Firstly, we took her medical history and discussed the options. After that, we decided to perform a non-surgical nose job on her, combining HA fillers of a medium thickness, such as (Juvederm and Restylane) to provide volume for the ridge and use Threads to help lift the tip. The procedure took about 1 hour, including the consultation and freezing cream.

Liquid Nose Job Procedure

We injected fillers using a TSK 25G blunt cannula from two different entry points. Most importantly, we used the chiller before and after the procedure to minimize bruising.

Cost and side effect-surgicalgical nose job

The cost of such a procedure is around $1000. The mean side effect is bruising and swelling, which might last 1 week.


As the before and after pictures show, there is a significant improvement in the nose feature. We took these pictures immediately after the procedure.

Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center team who worked on this case were: Dr. Kamal Alhallak (Ph.D.), Dr. Salem Tomi (M.D.), and R.N. Dima Omran.


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