Neck tightening Edmonton

Laser Neck tightening

Taking care of your skin is not just for your face. Sun exposure, environmental conditions, and poor lifestyle all contribute to the ageing of the skin on your body.
In our practice, we encounter many people with concerns about lines and sagging skin in the neck area.
Two decades ago, the only option was the surgical one, which involves a big tag price, long downtime and health concerns. The need for the non-surgical option was greater than ever, which results in the evolve of different options such as Thermag (Radio Frequency), (HIFU), Fractora (Microneedling) and Fotona Piano Mode laser
All machine aims to created coagulation points at different depth in the dermal layers, some of them go even deeper to the SMAS layer.
The purpose of this post is not to compare different technology and their pro and cons but go through one of our cases that shows great success with the Fotona laser neck lift.

Fotona Laser

The technology offers two different laser sources:

  • ND: Yag Laser with piano mode for deeper penetration
  • Er: Yag Laser for skin surfacing

The laser is applied using a special handpiece designed for the neck as this video here shows

Case 1082 laser neck lift

Patient in her 60's with skin type 2 and no relevant medical conditions. The patient has four sessions of the Fotona laser, four weeks apart. The pictures are taken directly before and 6 weeks after the last neck tightening session.

After Laser
After Laser
before laser

Neck lift Edmonton
Neck lift Edmonton
Neck tightening Edmonton
Neck tightening Edmonton

Who is a candidate for laser neck tightening?

Patients who are skin type I-IV with no medical condition that could affect the healing of the skin such as autoimmune diseases and eczema in the treatment area.

How does the treatment feel?

Patients will feel that the area is heating up quickly. However, we try to balance between patient discomfort and the clinical temperature required to induce skin tightening. The treatment in general is very tolerable and way less painful than Thermag and HIFU. There is no downtime or bleeding with the Fotona neck lift, but the patient will be red for 24 hours and should protect him/herself from prolonged sun exposure.

How much does it cost?

Four sessions of the Fotona neck lift are 1200

The author

Written by Dr. Kamal Alhallak, a pharmacist with Ph.D. in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences. To review other cases please visit

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