Non-Surgical Neck Lift

The laser neck lift or neck tightening is the tightening of the skin on the jaws and neck areas using laser technology. One of the older technology introduced by Cutera was the laser Genesis, which uses the Nd-Yag laser to heat the deeper tissues of the dermis. The heat will increase blow flow and induce new collagen (neocollagenesis).

New laser neck-tightening technology

Laser technology has improved extensively since the introduction of Laser Generis. For Example, new fractional lasers such as Fotona and Fraxel help improve the skin texture by providing the required lift.

What if Fotona tightsculpting neck tightening

The extra-long pulse laser of the Fotona Piano mode helps is gentle but deep heating of the dermis tissue. The treatment is coupled with forced cold air to increase comfort and enhance the depth of laser penetration. Best results are seen after 4-6 sessions on a bi-weekly basis. The cost is 600 per session.

Before and after laser neck lifting

Neck tightening Edmonton
Neck tightening Edmonton

Collagen synthesis is decreased in the neck, resulting in horizontal and vertical lines on the skin’s surface, just above the platysma muscles. Because the skin loses its firmness and elasticity as we age, it is typical to witness early indicators of premature aging such as drooping skin on the neck, often referred to as “turkey neck.”

Fotona SP Dynamis is an innovative new laser system that combines two highly effective laser modalities to address issues such as neck laxity. Individuals who have loose skin on their necks might use the Fotona Piano Mode laser neck lifting process to renew and restore the skin’s elasticity non-invasively. Dr. Torgerson is pleased to provide this minimally invasive technique combined with his cosmetic surgical operations to create visually acceptable results without causing damage to the skin’s surface.

Piano Mode is a laser application mode on the Fotona SP Dynamis laser machine that results in regulated thermal homogeneous bulk heating of the treatment region. Piano Mode is suitable for several treatment procedures, including laser facelifting, brow lifts, and body skin tightening. The Piano Mode uses the Nd: YAG, which safely commences bulk heating of the dermal tissues by raising the skin’s surface temperature to 42°-45°C. Photothermolysis is a process that occurs when a large amount of heat is applied to the subcutaneous tissue. While photothermolysis may be performed at a range of temperatures, the Piano Mode activates it at a safe temperature to stimulate collagen formation in the treated regions. Skin remodeling occurs as collagen and elastin synthesis increases in dermal structures. Neocollagenesis is another term for the consequence of these activities.

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