Result of Lip Augmentation

Do you feel like your lips are too thin? Do you want more definition in your lip area? If so, lip fillers may be the solution for you! Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center offer lip fillers that can achieve desired results. We use only the best products, and our team of experts will ensure you are happy with the outcome. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about them!

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At Albany Cosmetic and Laser Center, we understand that everyone is different and that each person has unique desires regarding appearance. That is why we offer a variety of fillers to choose from so that each individual can find the perfect product for their needs.

One of our patients, a young lady, wished to have more volume in her upper lip. We were able to help her achieve her desired look. The results were stunning, and she was very pleased with the outcome. If you want lip fillers, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


There is minimal downtime associated with lip fillers. You can usually return to normal activities immediately after the treatment. However, there may be some swelling and bruising, which will subside within a few days. Ensure to avoid strenuous activities during this time and avoid touching or rubbing the treated area.
Lip fillers price at Albany Cosmetic and Laser Centre

The cost of lip fillers at our clinic varies depending on the product used and other services, such as Botox lip flip. However, we always use the highest quality products, and our team of experts will ensure you are happy with the outcome. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. You won’t be disappointed! This patient used Croma saypha HA filler, costing $450. We have also done 10 units of Botox for the lip flip.

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Lip fillers
before lip fillers in Edmonton after lip injection in Edmonton
Lip fillers results

This case study is based on the personal experience of one patient and is not intended to represent typical results. Individual results may vary, and the treatment results depicted in this case study are not guaranteed. The information provided in this case study is not a substitute for a consultation with a licensed healthcare provider, and it is important to understand that results vary from person to person. Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it is important to speak with a licensed healthcare provider to understand the potential risks, benefits, and results.